5 Quick Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas


4. Wearable hearts

Photo: pinterest.com

While the idiom ‘to wear one’s heart upon one’s sleeve’ has originated from literally wearing the name (or other element indicating one’s love) on a sleeve, we do not have to do that to express our feelings. A little bit of that long-lost tradition still survives in the form of tattoos, but there are easier ways to proudly wear expressions of love.

Personalize and decorate a T-shirt using textile markers or paints. No special skills needed – just some heart-shaped template, or several of those in different sizes, and the words of love. Simple words of love can be enough without any other symbols.

If the instructions on the packaging mention that ironing your creative design is necessary once the paint is dry, this is an important part. Just do not place the iron directly on it, cover it with another piece of fabric or with baking paper.