5 Quick Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas


5. Heart stencil

Photo: pinterest.com

Heart cutout stencils and templates can help you make lots of paper, cardboard or fabric hearts, and also to create different heart patterns and designs using paint or markers. Printable ones can be found online, but basically when you cut a heart shape out of cardboard just once, you get two useful tools: one to be traced around, or covered with paint to produce prints, and another to paint inside the cutout area to get a perfect heart anywhere you wish.

Both can be used to decorate mirrors (easy, colorful and washable), cards, posters, homemade gift wrap or gift boxes, but if you have textile markers or paints (easily found online and in craft stores), you might crown yourself a DIY king or queen.

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Again, these ideas are not just certain projects to copy but something you can use as your basic tools for creating unique designs and decorations of your own. Some can be used on a regular basis. If you fail to do anything else, just write words of love on the bathroom mirror – with paint, lipstick or even toothpaste – on Valentine’s Day or any other day, for a bigger surprise.