10 Brilliant Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas


Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, but you better start preparing now. If you want to impress your family, what is a better way than to create stunning, handmade decorations for your home and the table?

That is, if you have room on the table with all the delicious food you will be preparing. But either way, creating your own decorations instead of buying generic store brand names that cost way too much is definitely the way to go. So here are ten of the most beautiful decorations I could find to don your Thanksgiving party.

1. Bountiful Bucket

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If you are looking for decorations with a rustic charm this holiday, there is no better option than to find a big, tin bucket and fill it with hay, pumpkins, squashes, and maybe even some artificial flowers from Michaels. Set it at your door to greet guests with a warm hello.

2. Love of Leaves

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Fall is known for its bright colors, fallen leaves, and wonderful weather, so why not bring that into your decorations? Grab some wicker or fabric pumpkins, and surround them with pumpkin spice candles alight, and make your own leaf garland or reef to hang above for the perfect aura of comfort.

3. Titillating Texture

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Have fun with textures. Grab some wood and paint your favorite quote about thankfulness, grab some steel baskets and fill them with different colored and textured pumpkins and plants – you can even throw in a little sparkle here and there for some shine.

4. Chic Neutrals

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If you would rather play it safe with decorations, go with neutrals. Fall is full of neutral colors, and you can play into that by grabbing a candle, some nuts, twine, and flowers and creating this beautiful piece linked above. It will only take minutes but it will look stunning all evening long.

5. Country Colors

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If you do not want to buy too much to create your Thanksgiving decorations, simply use food. Yes, food. Grab some of that corn you will be cooking up, some beans, and some nuts and layer them in a glass jar. Throw your favorite Fall candle on top and wrap some ribbon or twine around it, and voila.

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6. Tantalizing Trees

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This is one of the simplest. Grab some empty photo albums you have, pick your favorite pictures of the fall trees off the Internet, print it and hang it – done! This simple yet chic Thanksgiving decoration is sure to get everyone in the thankful mood.

7. Bewitching Burlap

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If you’re looking for minimal decorations that still pack a punch, burlap is the way to go. You can create a simple, yet adorable, table runner with a roll of burlap and some twine or ribbon. Simply run it down the table and tie a beautiful bow at the end and you’re done!

8. Gorgeous Golds

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If you want to spend the least amount of money possible—use what you already have. Or what the Earth has already given you. Grab some acorns, leaves, anything you can paint, and paint them gold. You can throw them in a vase, wrap it in ribbon, and bask in the compliments you receive for such minimal effort.

9. Rustic Recycling

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If you have some old wood laying around, why not make it into a decoration too? Follow the linked pattern and create a turkey decoration that will last for generations. You can even get the whole family to help with the painting and make some memories you can cherish throughout the years.

10. Perky Pumpkin

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Thanksgiving decorations are bound to always involve pumpkins, but instead of carving a design or painting it, scrape out the innards and pick your favorite flowers and make it a rustic vase. Not only will this look gorgeous, but it will take less than twenty minutes to create.

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So now that you have got a few ideas, go get your Pinterest DIY on and create some of the most unique and stunning decorations you will have all year. Any of these creative creations will have your relatives gasping – possibly even your grandma in all of her crafting wisdom.

Below, we have compiled a list of the most interesting questions about brilliant Thanksgiving decoration ideas:

What are some tips for choosing the right Thanksgiving decorations?

Since Thanksgiving is a really significant and warm holiday, decorations should be festive and fun. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on holiday decorating. Instead, focus on making your home look warm and inviting. Think about what makes you happy and put those things around you. Also, use seasonal colors like red, orange, yellow, and brown. These colors help create a sense of warmth and comfort. Finally, keep your decorations simple and clean, and ensure they fit your style and interior.

How should I decorate my Thanksgiving table?

Don’t forget that decorations should fit your interior, so based on this you can choose the most suitable ones. For example, you can use candles, a vase with flowers, or a glass jar with some layered corn, beans, or nuts to create. Make the colors match. Also, put the pumpkin and turkey in the center of the table. And it would be really nice if you could make handmade greeting cards for your guests and put them next to each plate.

Do I need to buy anything special to decorate for Thanksgiving? 

No, you don’t have to buy thanksgiving decorations. There are many ideas to create them themselves. For example, you can decorate the interior and exterior with leaves, and pumpkins, hang some sprigs of greenery around your house, or even make beautiful and themed compositions with them.

What are some DIY Thanksgiving decoration ideas? 

There are plenty of ways to do DIY Thanksgiving decorations. For example, you can make a garland out of twine and pine cones or create a centerpiece using pumpkins, squash, and cornstalks. For more coziness, add a few candles around the room. Or make wooden signs with quotes about thankfulness.

What are some outside Thanksgiving decoration ideas? 

You will have a lot of options for outside Thanksgiving decorations. The most popular are pumpkin decorations, fall wreaths, centerpieces, wall or window art, and filled buckets with hay, leaves, pumpkins, and squashes.