10 DIY Window Sill Decorating Ideas


Your window sills are often a forgotten space. In reality, however, they are prime decorating real estate in your home. Instead of wasting this space, spruce it up with DIY projects that allow you to showcase your style and liven up the room. Here are just 10 ways to decorate a window sill.

1. Personal Items

One of the simplest ways to decorate any window sill is by filling it with family photos, meaningful mementos, and other personal items that make the room your own. Items don’t need to be the same size or color – in fact, the sill will be more interesting if they’re not.

2. Romantic Ambiance

A window sill also makes an excellent place to light candles and incense, making the room instantly more romantic. Dim the lights and the candlelight will change the entire feel of the room!

3. Creative Storage

Even the largest of bookcases only has a finite amount of space. Why not turn your window sill into extra storage for books? Decorative book ends add a touch of style to the makeshift shelf, or you can always stack books by color or size.

4. Hang Lights

A few hooks on the end of your window sill allow you to hang string lights from the sill. Instead of using Christmas lights, invest in decorative string lights that have larger bulbs and sleek black or silver wire. When the sun goes down and your natural light disappears, your window can still be a source of light.

5. Extra Seating

Add a bench in front of your window, and a sill filled with pillows can suddenly become a part of the headrest of your new seating. If your sill is narrow, consider making a single pillow with a simple pattern and some batting to fill the entire sill.

6. Pillow Display

Even if you don’t want or need more seating, a wide window sill is still a good place to line up those extra pillows that have been overtaking your couch. Bright pillows that offer a pop of color to be caught by incoming sunlight are an excellent choice.

7. Mason Jars

Old jelly jars and mason jars are great for storing buttons, beads, and other crafting goods. Showing off your colorful storage on your window sill makes them accessible as well as adding to the décor. You might also fill the jars with sand, pebbles, or other favorite knick knacks.

8. Seasonal Décor

Fill your sills with decorations that reflect the current season. From summer flowers to fall pumpkins and holiday displays, the possibilities are nearly endless. Changing out your decorations keeps your sill interesting.

9.  Herb Garden

A window sill can be functional as well as a place for decorations. If your open sill is in a kitchen or dining room, turn it into a small herb garden. Metal or ceramic pots make the perfect home for herbs, and the herbs will be quickly on hand when you need them for cooking.

10. Spell It Out

Large wooden letters are easy to come by at home improvement stores, and can be turning into eye catching window sill displays. Spell out “Love,” “Home,” or your last name. Painted letters will blend into your color scheme, while natural wood or metal letters will fit into nearly any room in your home should you want to move the arrangement.

Don’t let your window sill space stay neglected. These are just a few of the ways you can utilize the space to extend your room’s decorations and liven up your entire window. Window sills large and small can serve a very big design purpose if you put your mind to it.