7 Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas


Valentine’s Day has always been a special holiday. Nowadays, this holiday is a lot commercialized. Many call Valentine’s Day another Hallmark holiday, while others dread to create Valentine lists. Try to think out of the box, though, and you will come up with a host of creative and frugal ideas that will make everyone happy and will not wreck your budget. If you have no idea, check out these ones. Hopefully, you will pick something for yourself.

1. Wall of Paper Hearts


Add a touch of 3D to your room by creating a wall of paper hearts. This is an easy way to boost your Valentine’s Day spirit and remind you of the most romantic day of the year. A wall of paper heart is quick and easy to make and is ideal for kids and people working from home. Hopefully, those tiny hearts will feed your creative soul and reduce your everyday stress.

2. Matchbox Valentines


When you have a long Valentine list, your wallet may scream for help. Matchbox Valentines will save your budget from ruin. Plus, if your kids need a lot of valentines too, consider making as many matchbox valentines as you need. This wonderful photo tutorial will help you. Not only will you save some cash, you will keep your little ones entertained for hours too.

3. Valentine’s Candy Huggers


Have you ever seen anything cuter than these Valentine’s candy huggers? Even though it takes some time and effort to create them, your children’s and their friends’ smiles will make you forget about your efforts. Get your little ones or friends to help you in cutting animal shapes out of construction paper.

4. Photo Strip Valentines


Want to wow your significant other with a personalized gift on February 14? This DIY idea is right for you. All you need is time, a mini kraft gift box, cardstock paper of your favorite color, photos of two of you, heart-shaped sweets, and some additional things like ruler, kraft knife, etc. This budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gift idea is perfect for your friends, parents or siblings too.

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5. Hand Embroidered Valentine’s Day Card


This one is another budget-friendly idea for people with super long Valentine lists. Maybe someone considers this idea too simple, yet handmade valentines are way better than the ones you get from the store. Paper and thread are all you need to create hand embroidered Valentine’s Day card.

6. String Heart


You can make a bigger version of your valentine and even hang it on a wall like a picture. This idea is widely used at weddings, but this ‘picture’ can become a symbol of your love for many years to come. In order to create a big string heart, you will need a piece of wood, nails, string, spray paint, and white paper. Do not bother about the mess, you will love the result.

7. Heart shaped tea bags


Is your partner a tea junkie? Surprise him with a cup of his favorite tea with a heart shaped tea bag. It may seem like a waste of time, because he will throw this tea bag away as soon as he finishes his tea. But he will remember your love gesture forever, I promise. Heart shaped eggs, pancakes or toasts will match your heart shaped tea bag.

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Oftentimes, the simplest things, gestures and gifts are the most thoughtful, memorable and beautiful ones. Handmade gifts have always been appreciated. When you are on a pinched budget, these DIY Valentine’s Day ideas might prevent you from swiping your credit card to buy expensive gifts that people we love may not even use or like.

Just because it is handmade, does not mean it is bad. It means you sacrifice your precious time to make those you love happy on February 14. Do you like any of these Valentine’s Day ideas? Maybe you have your own ideas? Share them with us please.