5 Quick Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas


2. 3D paper hearts

Photo: pinterest.com

Anyone who has ever tried drawing a heart shape has probably often found the results asymmetrical. This can be fine, as your heart shapes do not have to be perfect and all identical, but if you want better results, fold the paper in half and draw only half a heart, then cut it out and unfold. Both sides will look the same or almost the same. You can also create 3D paper hearts.

There are lots of ways to decorate with paper hearts, especially if you make lots of paper hearts in different sizes and colors.The simplest one is scattering them on the table or the floor. Scattered rose petals, though being somewhat cliché, though look beautiful, but I do not have the heart to behead the flowers to tear them to petals. Use paper hearts instead, or cut your heart shapes out of fabric so that you do not have to throw them out after Valentine’s Day. You can reuse them later in other creative projects.