5 Quick Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas


DIYing is a great alternative to overly commercialized Valentine’s day symbols and decorations, or to waiting in a line to get your gifts wrapped. It is fun to decorate something with hearts and ribbons, or sign it with hugs and kisses and words of love – and that’s pretty much enough, especially if you are concerned about crossing the line between ‘pretty’ and ‘much.’

So, why not give it a try? Greeting cards were also once hand-written before they were replaced by printed ones, but nowadays handmade versions are renowned again, just like handmade gifts, for their unique potential of showing someone you really care. Here are a few quick and easy ideas to use as your basic tools:

1. 4 Your Heart

This idea is cute for making valentines – the result looks like a heart flower or a special kind of lucky 4-leaf clover. Fold the paper in four, then fold the rectangle once again so that it becomes a triangle. Draw the upper part of half a heart, so that you don’t cut anything at the bottom.

When you unfold this after cutting it out, you can use it to trace around it on thicker paper (for valentines), or use a variety of such 4-heart shapes for decorating walls, tables, gift boxes and greeting cards. 4-heart shapes can also be cut out of fabric (this may require a bit of ironing), and you can make flowers for Valentine’s Day with both paper and fabric ones using fuzzy wire, a craft material that is inexpensive and easily found.