8 Glorious Pumpkin Decorating Ideas


Need a fun pumpkin decorating idea? I love to be a bearer of good news because I’ve got a few ideas that require little time, fewer effort and little to no creativity. Some of these ideas require no carving at all, which means you can turn your pumpkin time into a safe family activity and have your little ones help you. From hand-painted Gothic gourds to cute and grinning pumpkin faces, trick-or-treaters will definitely get a true hoot out of these totally glorious pumpkins.

1. Black and white gourds

If orange isn’t your new black, then black and white combo may be something you need to try this year. Halloween isn’t about orange only. Besides, no carving required here. A little time, black and white paints and your imagination are all you need to create these devilishly angelic gourds. Just paint your regular pumpkins matte white and black. When dry, grab the paint pens to add some spooky pictures or symbols, or whatever for creepier effect. Your boring orange pumpkins will be done in less than 20 minutes, I bet.

2. Pumpkin vase

Hosting a kid-friendly party? Want to use flowers as a decoration but don’t know how to spook it up? Pumpkin vase might well be a creative solution. Use a knife or a carving tool to carve out whatever vase you want and paint it if needed. Pumpkin vase works as a table centerpiece or room decoration. Rub a coating of Vaseline over the exposed flesh to keep it fresh-looking for days.

3. Gilded or glittering gourds

Special effects don’t always require special decorations or paints. You can simply decorate your gourds in gold, silver, or copper glitters and nothing more. Whether you carve your pumpkin or you skip it, it will be a fantastic front door decoration your trick-or-treaters will want to take selfie with.

4. Flowered pumpkin

Call it however you like, but the aim is the only one – to create a masterpiece. Even though this idea seems to be time consuming, it’s actually not. When you use the right carving tool, you can make your own flowered pumpkin in a matter of an hour. It doesn’t have to be as perfect as shown, though. The trick? To make your skinless gourd look fantastic. The Vaseline tip is useful here too.

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5. Straw pumpkins

No carving and painting required? Easy! Get some straw and create small straw pumpkins to decorate your front door with on Halloween. Except straw you will need some green, gray or black threads, some colorful decorations like eyes, mouths etc (as shown) and a great mood. With a great mood, you can create any pumpkin that will look downright chic.

6. Laughing pumpkins

Are you a Halloween lover but a hater of everything creepy? No worries. You can let everyone know you are against spooky things by displaying laughing pumpkins on your front porch, or around your garden. If you are not going to illuminate your laughing pumpkins, don’t hollow out them. Or place a candle insight and light once it starts getting dark. Halloween can be a kindly fun holiday as well.

7. Cute pirate

No more scary faces and creepy motifs! This cute pirate will make your home a kind of welcoming place on Halloween. Besides, kids love fun characters so surely, they would like to help you create a kind and funny pirate to decorate your front door or porch with. I think you don’t need any instructions on how to create it – the picture shows you what materials you need and what to do.

8. Gothic pumpkins

Not necessarily the scary and bloody ones. I love a Gothic motif because it’s closely connected with the eve of All Saints’ Day. Skip the carving tool, go for a paint brush and let your Gothic ideas out. Start with painting your regular pumpkins a matte black. Let them dry and then take another paint brush to draw any Gothic elements you wish. Special effects require no special tool or perfect creativity.

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This Halloween, decorate your house with these creepily cute gourds to jazz up the holiday. After all, nothing says more than uniquely decorated pumpkins. Artfully decorate your front porch and all eyes will be on your house. Trick-or-treaters along with your guests will be impressed this year, I promise! What pumpkin decorating ideas are you going to use this week? Any creepy or funny ideas to share?