5 Quick Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas


3. Fuzzy hearts and flowers

Fuzzy wire is a multi-functional material perfect for making heart shapes as it is, or even bracelets, chains and garlands of heart shapes if you like – easy and fun even for kids. As fuzzy wire is flexible, it is ideal for making flower stems with a variety of materials used for DIY flowers. Just wrap it around … does it get any easier than that? Yes, it does! You can use it with fresh and dried flowers, too.

Want to entwine your wine glasses or a bottle of champagne, a vase of chocolates or a gift box with roses or other flowers? Easy! Remove the long stems (leave about 1-2 cm) and replace them with green (or maybe red) fuzzy wire wrapped around the remains of the stems.

Twist and bend to entwine something with such a flexible kind of flowers.
Connect several pieces of fuzzy wire to create the length you need, and you can also add another flower at every spot where you connect the wires – you will get a garland-like result or can make a mini-wreath this way.

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