5 Awesome Smash Book Ideas


Many people complain that they would love to start scarpbooking but do not have the time. That is why so many people have started creating smash books as an alternative. A good smash book can be encouraging, inspiring, and a functional journal. It can also serve as a place to keep fun, exciting, and meaningful memories.

You do not have to be super creative to make your own smash book. With some simple supplies, you can make a smash book you will treasure for many years to come. Have no ideas where to start? Read on and find out what you can create this year:

1. Travel Smash Book


One of the main reasons many of us like to travel is to collect memories and try new foods. Since we usually have to eat the food at the restaurant, a travel smash book will help you store some memories.

Some of the things that you can include in your travel smash book are plane tickets, photos, and restaurant recipes. The cool thing about a traveling smash book is that you can create different themes: adventure, 50 states, romance etc.

2. Musical Inspiration


Isn’t it great hearing a song come on Pandora or Spotify that you have not heard in a while but brings back memories? Teenage summers, those evenings hanging out with friends and even breakups; many of us associate a period of time in our lives with music that we have heard. Your smash book can contain lyrics to a song, album cover, or possibly the playlist to your favorite album.

3. Health and Wellness


Whether you are trying to lose weight or just live a healthier lifestyle, a health and wellness smash book can help remind you of your journey or inspire you to keep reaching for your goal. It is always nice to have a book with healthy recipes to choose from.

You can also add pages that list daily or weekly weigh-ins or before and after photos. Whatever you decide, a health and wellness smash book can encourage you to continue living a long and healthy life.

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4. Creative Smash Book


Writers and artists are always looking for ways to express themselves. Even though we do it through our work and music, a creative smash book can help us get our creative juices flowing. We tend to throw a lot of care into our work. You writers and artists will be inspired by these smash books. A great book will spark creativity or cure writer’s block in a jiff.

5. Motivational Smash Book


Feeling good about your accomplishments and looking for things to motivate you is all a part of life. A smash book that can do both is a great thing to have. A motivational smash book can help inspire you to “try one more time” if you are discouraged. It can also remind you that you are awesome. There are many ideas for motivational smash books out there, but you can always come up with your own ones.

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Smash books are not for children only. It is for everyone looking to create memories and keep them alive forever. I highlighted some of my favorite smash book ideas. However, I know everyone can come up with their own ones. What are your smash book ideas? Let us know.