10 Awesome DIY Headboard Ideas


A headboard can completely transform the look of your bedroom. You can go from bland to beautiful just by dressing up the part of your bed where you lay your head.

Take a look at these 10 awesome DIY headboard ideas to see just how easy it is to dress up your boudoir. Most of them take less than a day to complete.

1. Antique Fireplace Mantle

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Take a fireplace mantle and turn it into a headboard. In some cases, the mantle may already be in the room and mounted to a non-functional fireplace, so you can just use that.

Mantles not only make great headboards, but also provide storage for things like candles, pictures, and so forth.

2. Wall Decals

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You don’t actually have to build a board to get the look and feel of a headboard. Another option is to use a wall decal to create the illusion of a headboard.

Some companies even make decals that look like headboards for just this purpose.

3. Textiles

Hang an interesting piece of fabric behind your bed to create an effective, simple headboard. If you don’t want to hang the fabric to the wall, mount it to a board instead. Either way, you get a sophisticated, interesting look.

4. Old Picture Frames

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Create a simple support structure out of wood or metal and then hang picture frames from it. You can add actual pictures, decorative art, or things like flowers to the frames.

The result is a quaint headboard that you can change as you see fit.

5. Fencing

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Take old fencing and cut it up into pieces. Paint or stain those pieces of wood and then mount them to a piece of plywood. The result is a vintage-looking headboard that has a rustic feel.

Textured fencing or fencing that has dimension (e.g. rounded) works best.

6. PVC Pipe

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Use plastic PVC pipe and paint it to make it look like metal, wood, or any other material you like. PVC is easy to work with, so you can make any design you want, drill into it to mount other items, and so forth.

You can wrap the PVC in twine to create a web-like headboard and then you can mount pictures to the web using clothespins.

7. Add Lights

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Adding lights, like Christmas lights, to your headboard can create a warm, comforting feeling. Put them in patterns to spell things out or to mimic the stars.

All you need is plywood, paint, and the lights. Just be sure to keep the lights out of harms way, you don’t want to accidentally break them.

8. T-Shirts

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Mount your T-shirts to a board and then use that as your headboard. You can use your favorite T-shirts, those that you’ve outgrown, or you can use shirts that you’ve collected for other reasons. Sports jerseys are particularly popular.

9. Slipcover

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For old headboards, make a slipcover (or buy one you like) and just slide it over the wood. Sometimes a simple drop cloth is all you need to dress up an aging headboard.

Add to the interest of the headboard with ribbons, additional pieces of cloth, a photo, or an old quilt.

10. Duct Tape

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Duct tape no longer comes in just gray. You can get it in green, red, orange, blue and other colors. You can even find duct tape in patterns like checkerboards and polka dots. You can tape it directly to the wall or mount it to a separate board.

Headboard Madness

Headboards are easy and inexpensive to construct, which gives you the option of going wild with your creative tendencies. Just about anything can be made into a headboard as well, so don’t let convention limit your aspirations. Headboard projects are especially appealing to children, giving them an easy, fun way to customize their rooms.