10 Stylish DIY Living Room Decorations


Probably the best way to express your personality is to forgo the decorator’s idea of perfection. Instead of living in someone else’s concept of style, try creating a living room that reveals your individuality. Here are some DIY living room decoration ideas that are both fashionable and inexpensive.

1. Paint the walls

If you want to experiment beyond ecru and beige, use a color wheel to help you pick the perfect shade. First inventory your furniture and rugs. If your furniture is a deep mahogany, check a color wheel for dark red’s complementary color, which is a muted green. Try some of our ideas of DIY wall decorations.

You can use a color wheel with any color that already dominates your living room, such as yellowish oak floors, green rugs, or blue curtains.

2. Repurpose old drawers

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Here’s a great way to turn a garage-sale find into a work of art. Any end table or bedside table with drawers will work even if the table is terribly ugly. Abandon the cabinet and repurpose the drawers. Paint or stain the front and sides of each drawer.

Next, paint or stain the bottom of each drawer with a contrasting color. Ensure that the pulls are perpendicular to the drawer so they can add interest when the drawer is hung. Put a picture hanger on the back of each drawer and hang them on the wall. Now you have curiosity shelves for your conversation pieces.

3. Update built-in bookshelves

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Built-in bookshelves are a terrific addition to any home. Therefore, if you have them, make sure they stand out by painting the interior of the bookshelves with your living room’s secondary color.

For example, if your living room is mostly neutral with deep red pillows and throws, paint the inside of your bookshelves a deep red. Now they can showcase books as well as your favorite decorative objects.

4. Clip a curtain

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Out of funds for window treatments? Don’t despair. An old table cloth works well as a curtain. Simply attach the cloth to drapery clip rings.

There is no sewing required. Find interesting tablecloths at flea malls, thrift stores, and even in the sale bin at a discount home store.

5. Create custom wall art

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Don’t be intimidated by blank walls when you can frame scarves, display your favorite quotations, use die cuts to make a simple collage, or even highlight your favorite reads by framing book covers.

DIY wall art ideas are only a click away. Your walls are the perfect place to display your creativity, and there is no shortage of DIY wall art inspiration on the Internet.

6. Make custom pillows

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Try making a ruffled tee-shirt pillow in your favorite color. Ruffles are easy to make with a basting stitch on a forgiving fabric like knit.

You may also try turning an old sweater into a pillow or creating a pillow with your own monogram. A quick Google search will yield plenty of DIY pillow ideas.

7. Perk up the trim

A quick way to perk up a room is to give the trim — baseboards, crown molding, window casings, doors, and the like — an update. If your trim is a natural wood color, then you won’t believe the difference paint will make!

Using a high-gloss paint, update your trim in bright white or just slightly off white. Oil paint is very durable and makes a room look rich, but clean-up is a little more difficult.

8. Banish the clutter

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Coffee tables and other flat surfaces can become catch-all zones for clutter. Yet these spaces are also great places to showcase some of your favorite belongings. Banish clutter by using a monochromatic tray. A tray focuses the eye, making a collection of trinkets appear organized instead of messy.

Find trays at thrift stores, but don’t despair that most of these are printed with scenery. Just add paint to create a monochromatic space for your favorite displays

9. Bring on the bling

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Do you have a collection of silver trays taking up space in your china cabinet? Why not add an eclectic touch to your living room and show off your rarely used trays at the same time by hanging them on the wall?

If you don’t have silver trays, don’t despair. There are plenty on Internet auction sites, and the prices are reasonable.

10. Tickle their toes with a DIY rug

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Making your own rug may be the very best way to customize your living room. Not only will you save money, but you will also show off your creativity while ensuring that the rug fits your overall decorating theme. DIY rug ideas are readily available on the Internet. Choose among chevron rugs, tee-shirt rugs, denim rugs, rope rugs, rag rugs, painted rugs, and more. Let your imagination run wild.

When you decorate your living room with handmade accent pieces, you and your guests will feel comfortable in a room that gels with your personality. Why not get crafty and begin transforming your living room today?