10 DIY Home Decor Crafts to Make with Rope


Rope as a craft material may not seem capable of much. If you put your mind to it, though, you can find hundreds of fun, ideas for things to do with it.

Here are 10 suggestions for DIY rope home decor crafts to get you started.

1. A rope-suspended shelf

A rope-suspended shelf can work for nearly any kind of decorating theme. You can pick wood, plastic, glass or metalfor the shelf itself. Drill holes in the corners, knot up a length of rope in each hole and hang the shelf off hooks in the wall. The rope will make the shelf fun and cool.

2. A gorgeous vase made of rope

Photo credit: pinterest

As a natural material, rope works very well for vases and plant pots. Since a vase holds water, though, you can’t make it entirely out of rope. Your rope can only be of cosmetic use – wrapped around a vase that you already have.

You simply need to brush Mod Podge on the sides of the vase and wrap your rope around it.  You’ll end up with a design that you can’t take your eyes off.

3. A rope pen holder

Photo credit: pinterest

You don’t always have to use natural rope in your projects. Nylon can work, too. Get 20 yards of twisted #18 Mason line (it’s available at home improvement stores like Home Depot) and a glue gun. Getting your basket started is as simple as coiling the line to form a base of your pen holder and gluing it with a glue gun.

Once it’s dry, you can continue with the line, coiling it vertically. From time to time, you can use a shot from the gun on the inside of the holder that you’re building to keep everything together.

4. Make a rope rug

Photo credit: pinterest

Rope is great material to make rugs with. You can make a perfectly round rug doing nothing more than coiling rope around and gluing it in place. If you have more ambitious patterns in mind, rope lends itself complex, multicolored patterns, too.

5. A rope chandelier

Photo credit: pinterest

You can use rope to wrap around practically anything – including a chandelier. The project couldn’t be simpler. Buy a length of thin rope, brush Mad Podge on the part of the chandelier that you intend to cover with rope and begin wrapping away. You’ll end up with a chandelier that looks like it’s actually made of rope.

6. A rope-framed mirror

Photo credit: pinterest

A rope-framed mirror can be an excellent idea if you going for a marine theme in your bathroom. You don’t even need a frame to glue your rope to – you can simply glue rope to the periphery of your mirror. You can stick plastic fish to the rope frame to complete the nautical theme.

7. A rope lampshade

A lampshade can be a great item to cover with rope. If you use thin, white nylon rope, the light should filter through beautifully. Sisal rope can work, too – though it is likely to block most of the light. The lampshade itself will look beautiful, though.

8. A rope room partition

Photo credit: pinterest

You can use closely spaced rope lines to make a ceiling-to-floor partition to mark a part of any room off. The idea is to string several taut lines of rope from the ceiling to the floor.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to fix a strong curtain rod to the ceiling and also one to the floor. Then, all you need to do is to tightly string several lines of rope along the length of the rod.

9. A rope-wrapped stool

Photo credit: pinterest

No matter what kind of stool you have, you can easily turn it into a rustic rope creation that everyone will love. You can put rubber solution on each part of the stool that you plan to wrap with rope, give it 10 minutes to become tacky, then begin the wrapping. You can even cover the seat in this way.

10. A rope towel holder

Photo credit: pinterest

A length of rope holding up your towels may not sound like a particularly classy idea. You can make it work, though, when you use the right hardware and the right rope. You want to look for beautiful brass hooks to put on your bathroom walls and thick new sisal rope with as few flyways as possible. The result should be a chic, fun way towel holder.