10 Brilliant DIY Home Decorating Ideas


If you’re like most people, eventually you’ll look around your home and decide that the décor could use some improvement. When that happens, it’s time to implement one or more brilliant DIY home decorating ideas to give your abode a whole new look. Fortunately, ideas abound, limited only by your vision and your willingness to work!

1. Rearrange Items You Already Have

Instead of spending a lot of money buying new decorative items for your home, you can simply rearrange those you already own to create a new look. Take the landscape painting that hangs over your bed and place it over the fireplace in the living room.

Trade an end table in the living room for one of your bedroom nightstands to create a new look and feel in both rooms.

2. Paint the Walls

If you’ve ever painted a room in your home a different color, you know how completely it can change the mood of the space. Paint those cream-colored walls a deep, rich brown, a pale pastel pink or a warm, cheery shade of yellow to create a completely new atmosphere in a room.

3. Change the Lighting

To set a new tone in any room in the house, change the lighting that’s there to something different. Get rid of the clip-on lamp on the head of your bed that you use to read and replace it with a beautiful floor lamp with a fringed shade that sets next to your bed and creates a romantic tone.

Put an old-fashioned lamp in the entry room to create a warm glow that you can turn on at night to welcome whoever comes in after dark.

4. Cover the Furniture

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If new furniture isn’t in the budget, invest in slipcovers to revamp the furniture you already have. Cover solid-colored furniture with patterned slipcovers or chose plain slipcovers to place over a floral print chair, loveseat or couch.

5. Get New Wall Art

When you’re tired of looking at the same pictures and posters, trade them for something new. If you’ve outgrown the framed posters from your college days, change the feeling of the room by choosing more grownup images to hang in their place.

6. Change Your Floor Coverings

Another quick, inexpensive way to change a room’s appearance is by replacing the floor covering. Tear up the linoleum in the kitchen and bath and replace it with shiny new tiles that you install yourself.

Buy and place warm, cozy throw rugs on previously bare floors to add color and texture to any space.

7. Declutter

Part of your displeasure with your current décor could be nothing more than dissatisfaction from looking at too much clutter. Go through your entire house, one room at a time, getting rid of items you no longer want, need or use.

Throw out the old magazines, recycle the yellowing newspapers, remove the shoes from the entryway and clear the shelves of unnecessary debris.

8. Install Shelving

Whether you choose bookcases, an entertainment stand or shelves that attach to the wall, installing shelves in a room allows you to change its appearance.

Display your collection of antique figurines, terracotta pots or tin toys from days gone by on your new shelves to create an interesting focal point in a room.

9. Decorate with Plants

Even if you don’t change anything else in your home, adding plants to several rooms will give an old house new life. Place small pots of growing herbs in the kitchen window, hang a moisture-loving fern in the bathroom and place a potted tree in your home office.

10. Landscape the Yard

Realize that home décor involves your outdoor space as well as indoor areas. Plant colorfully cheerful flowers outside the front door, install a bushy, flowering shrub in the middle of the backyard and plant ornamental grass along the back fence to give the outside of your home a pleasing appearance.

Redecorating your home in a brilliant way doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. By adding a few new touches, repurposing and rearranging items you already own and investing some elbow grease, you can easily give your old abode a new look that completely changes its appearance.