10 Creative DIY Wall Art Ideas


A plain wall in your home is like a blank canvas. With a little creativity, you can make some artwork to take that space from ordinary to extraordinary. Here are 10 creative DIY wall art ideas:

1. Repurpose an old window frame

Photo credit: pinterest

If you find an old window frame at a yard sale or thrift store, you can easily turn it into a beautiful piece of art.  You can put pictures or mirrors where the glass would normally be. It’s a simple project that will have stunning results.

2. Paint some modern art

Even if you don’t consider yourself a good artist, you can still try your hand at a bit of modern art.  Pick up a canvas, some paint and a brush or sponge.  Then, just use your imagination.  There are really no rules when it comes to abstract designs.  You can create something that looks incredibly sleek and stylish.

3. Frame some fabric or wallpaper

Perhaps you find the idea of painting something yourself a bit intimidating.  You could always cheat a little by framing a small square of fabric or wallpaper. Choose a pattern that fits with your room’s décor and hang it somewhere prominent.  This nifty idea will give you a brilliant work of art in just a few minutes.

4. Make art from paint samples

Photo credit: pinterest

If you’ve recently painted a room in your home, you probably have plenty of paint samples leftover.  You can create a trendy piece of art by lining up those swatches and gluing them to some cardboard.  Go for an ombre effect or just mix up any colors you like.  When you’re done, frame the finished product and hang it on the wall for a fantastic conversation starter.

5. Get creative with crayons

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You most likely think of crayons as drawing tools for kids.  However, they can actually be used to make an incredible work of art.  Start by peeling off the wrappers of several crayon remnants.  Be sure to choose shades that work with your overall color scheme.  Next, scatter the crayon pieces on a blank canvas and heat them with a blow dryer.  The crayons will melt and form a unique design.  Let everything dry and hang your piece on the wall for an eye-catching look.

6. Construct a family tree

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Maybe you’d like a piece of art that shows off your family’s roots. Create a family tree on your wall with your favorite photos. Use a stencil to form the outline of the tree and attach the pictures to the branches you’ve drawn. Whether you use shots of all your relatives or just ones of your immediate family members, you’ll be proud to display your handiwork.

7. Make a collage

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Making a collage is a great way to add a touch of visual interest to any room. You can hang a collection of plates, mirrors, ornaments or any other little trinkets you have on hand. You’ll be amazed at how a group of random items can turn into a cohesive piece of art.

8. Get crafty with buttons

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Buttons can be used as inexpensive components in artwork. Just purchase a bag with a variety of shapes and colors from your local craft store.  Then, glue them to a block of wood or a blank canvas.  You can scatter the buttons in random spots or place them strategically to form a specific pattern.  Button art is the perfect way to create a whimsical appearance in any space.

9. Create a sunburst mirror

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Paint sticks are normally used to stir paint, but they can also help you make some fantastic art. Dip the sticks into your preferred paint color and let them dry.  Next, glue the sticks around a mirror to form a sunburst effect.  The finished piece is certain to brighten up any wall in your home.

10. Make a quote poster

If you have a favorite saying or line from a book, you can easily put it on a poster.  Just cut out the letters from magazines or print some out in a fun font.  Glue the letters to your poster and place everything inside a frame.  Hang up your quote and you can be inspired by the meaningful words on a daily basis.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to create an amazing piece of art for your home.  Any of the easy ideas on this list will help you make some creative artwork in no time at all.  Your guests are sure to be impressed by the beautiful masterpiece on your wall.