3 Reasons Succulents Are the Perfect Plants for New Gardeners


Container gardens are beautiful, but beginning one can be a bit daunting. Maybe you have tried your hand at gardening before only to end up with dead plants and hurt pride. If your lack of a green thumb is preventing you from creating the lush garden you have been longing for, maybe you just need a little practice.

Succulents, or hen and chicks as the most common variety is sometimes called, are the ideal starter for those looking to break into gardening. In fact, the scientific name for one type of hen and chicks is sempervivum, which literally means “live forever.”

Even if you have no gardening experience, you can still grow a thriving garden with these fun little plants! Here are three reasons succulents are the perfect plant for beginning gardeners:

1. They are easy to plant

Planting succulents is pretty straightforward. To begin, choose a container that is big enough to hold the amount of succulents you wish to plant. Be sure to select a pot that has drainage holes. If your container does not have any, just poke or drill a few in the bottom. Next, fill your pot with potting soil.

It is best to use soil that contains a mixture of sand since succulents do not do as well if their roots get too wet. Place a succulent in the center of the container and press the soil around it. Then, fill in around the edges with more plants. Succulents don’t mind being packed in so feel free to plant as many as you like.

Planting multiple hen and chicks will give your pot a very lush look. Once you are done planting, you can add a little gravel or stones on top of the soil for decoration if you wish. Finally, moisten the soil slightly with a small amount of water and you’re ready to enjoy your newly planted succulent garden!

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2. They are low-maintenance plants

Succulents are a popular choice for new gardeners because they require such minimal care. They only have to be watered occasionally and they will usually be fine even if you forget from time to time.

As long as you do not overwater succulents, they will quickly grow larger and even produce new plants. These new succulents can then be planted in other pots if you would like to create a larger container garden. If not, just leave the new growth alone and soon you will have a flourishing pot of hen and chicks with very little effort.

3. They do well in nearly all climates

As long as you place them in a spot that gets plenty of sunshine, succulents can be grown in almost any part of the country. Even ones placed in partial shade will mature adequately, though their colors will not be as vibrant.

They are very drought and heat resistant plants, but they also do quite nicely in cooler temperatures. Slightly chilly nights may actually be beneficial for your succulents. If you live in a colder climate, you may want to bring your containers inside if you have a particularly severe cold snap or heavy snow.

Other than that, succulents will succeed just about anywhere. Whether your climate zone is hot or cold, these plants will survive and thrive.

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Growing a container garden is not all that difficult if you select the right plants. By starting out with something simple, you can gain experience and confidence in your gardening abilities.

Succulents are the perfect fit for anyone who wants to begin gardening with an easy project. By planting these undemanding, almost effortless plants, you will be on your way to creating the beautiful container garden you have always wanted.