180 Fantastically Beautiful Kanzashi Ideas


Japanese fabric flowers, kanzashi has been popular for centuries. Just in case you have no idea what it is, kanzashi is Japanese hair ornament typically used in traditional Japanese hairstyles. These hairpins were made of wood, silver, and even tortoise shell. Today, kanzashi is usually made of silk and fabric, but the result is pretty the same. These hair ornaments are just cute pieces of art.

Modern kanzashi comes in a variety of styles and they are not only hairpins. You can find or make kanzashi earrings, kanzashi hoops, kanzashi brooches, and kanzashi hairgrips. The perfect combination of beautiful petals creates unusual flowers that can suit just any outfit, especially in the summer.

The kanzashi technique seems to be hard to master, but with a little bit of patient and through trial and error, you can manage to do it. Take a look at these 180 fantastic kanzashi ideas to help you get inspired and try to make your own piece of art. Why not add a tiny bit of Japanese culture to your daily look?

Here is one of my favorite kanzashi flower hair clips that I am going to try to make this weekend. Are you with me?