10 Adorable DIY Wall Decorations


You don’t have to endure blank walls or purchase expensive artwork to cover them. It’s easy to add your own personality to your living space when you create some wall art of your own.

Here are ten DIY wall decoration ideas to get you started.

1. Literary Leanings

You can pick up used books at a thrift store or choose a few favorites from your own bookshelf. Attach the book covers to a foam board with double-sided tape.

For a three-dimensional look, add thick backing to some covers while affixing others directly onto the board.

2. Large Rosettes

Make paper rosettes in festive colors. In a random pattern, attach the rosettes to a piece of foam board. Go three dimensional in some areas so that the rosettes completely hide the foam board. Making rosettes is easy. Fold a piece of paper in an accordion style.

Fold the accordion in half and secure the two ends where they meet. When you attach three accordions together, you have a big, beautiful rosette.

3. Meaningful Quotes

If you have a favorite quote, why not hang it on the wall? First, tear colorful magazine pages, and glue them to a blank canvas in a collage formation.

Next, apply reusable adhesive letters to the canvas to create your quotation. Paint the entire canvas white.

When the paint is dry, remove the letters and enjoy your colorful quotation against a white three-dimensional background.

4. Easy Quotes

Instead of a blank canvas and magazine scraps, use the same process described above on thrift store art. Position your quotation on the art, paint everything white, and remove the letters when the paint is dry. If you like the colors of the artwork, you will love them repurposed as your favorite quotation.

5. Stylish Confetti

Reimagine huge sparkling confetti as wide as a champagne flute. Using a two-inch or larger hole punch, cut huge confetti out of several coordinated sparkling papers. For more elegance, keep the artwork monochromatic, using different textures instead of different colors.

Simply apply the large dots randomly on a blank canvas and hang. Or paint the canvas black before applying confetti for a completely different visual impact.

6. Tea Time Elegance

Use die-cut shapes to create a tea time hanger. Use teacups and saucers and a teapot silhouette to counterbalance the cups.

If you can’t find die cuts, make your own by sketching silhouettes. Attach paper cutouts to a blank or softly painted canvas and hang in your kitchen to remind everyone to slow down and savor the moment.

7. Paint Chip Fantasy

Go to the local big box store and find square paint chips in colors that appeal to you. Bring home enough to cover a canvas or a frame backing.

Apply the paint chips with double-sided tape. Start at the top, making sure that the color name will be hidden by the frame.

Continue the next row, slipping the paint chips under the first row just enough to hide the color’s name.

When the canvas is full, add some meaning. Use large black or white letters to create your favorite saying. For added effect, cut big letters out of vinyl. You can find templates online.

8. Tranquil Tulle

Tulle is not only inexpensive, but it’s also beautiful. When you attach tulle to a canvas, the result looks like a trendy watercolor hanging.

Simply purchase complementary colors and cut two-inch strips. Spray the canvas with adhesive and apply the tulle with a piece of cardboard. Horizontal stripes are lovely, but you can also experiment with other designs and see where the tulle takes you.

9. Whimsical Kisses

Perfect for a dorm room, bathroom, or any room that could use a funky pick-me-up, artwork adorned with your favorite lipsticks really makes a statement. First, find a piece of sturdy white paper. Next, apply lipstick and kiss the paper until the image fades.

Apply a new color and repeat it. Keep kissing until the artwork screams, “Diva!” Frame your kisses and make yourself smile each time you apply makeup.

10. Framed Fabric

Why not use someone else’s inspiration to decorate a wall. Many vintage scarves have lovely designs. Check out a consignment shop and purchase a few scarves. If scarves aren’t your thing, use an upholstery fabric that appeals to you. Place the fabric on the frame backing, and then secure the frame.

Go ahead. Express yourself! It doesn’t cost much to create a space that is uniquely you. All you need is a little time to create some adorable DIY wall art.