8 Wallet-Friendly Updates to Make to Your Home


Looking for a cheap, simple and DIY way to enhance your home’s beauty? I’ve got a few wallet-friendly yet creative ideas for you. When it comes to upgrading any house – be it modern or old – the possibilities are endless. However, most of us don’t even think of any home improvement when we make ends meet only and don’t have extra bucks for new furniture or luxury decorations. Stop worrying about money. All you need is tons of creativity and a little bit of cash. Try some of these ideas and enjoy your hard work but beautiful house in the end.

1. Make some DIY decorations

One of the cheapest ways to improve your house is to add some bright and unique decorations. If you have kids, ask them to help you create some unusual things that they think will make their rooms and your entire house more beautiful. It can be your new family tradition to decorate your home at the beginning of each new season. If you live alone, it’s still a great tradition to establish. Pick some bright leaves when walking in the park today and let your creativity and hands do their job.

2. Add a splash of color to your old sofa

If you can’t afford to purchase a new sofa, why not upgrade the old one? Add a few colorful pillows to it and your sofa looks like new. There’s no need to throw your old pillows away. You can either alter them or purchase some bright pillow covers. Of course, the best option is to make your own ones, but it takes some time and effort.

3. Paint your flower pots

If you have many flower pots, consider updating them to make your windows look brighter. It takes time and efforts, not to mention that you’ll need to spend a few bucks on paints, but the result is well worth it. Certain flowers improves our health while beautifully decorated flower pots can make the house look more comfortable.

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4. Add a shelf with books

DIY shelves beautify many homes these days. If you don’t have any open shelf in your house, it’s time to make a few to keep all your books in one place as well as display all your DIY decorations, knickknacks and pictures. You won’t recognize your room, I promise!

5. Paint your walls bright colors

Painting a room doesn’t take much time or money, and you can always paint it over. The trick is to choose bright colors like light green, orange, yellow, turquoise, coral or light pink. Actually, you can choose any color that you are sure will boost your mood this fall season. If you don’t have time or desire to paint the whole wall, add a splash of color to it. From circles, rhombus and triangles to flowers, animals, skies and sun, you can draw and paint whatever you like.

6. Hang a new set of curtains up

If you don’t have time for crafting, purchase a new set of curtains to give your home an absolutely new look. Again, look for bright mood-boosting colors to make your house a positive and happy place to live in.

7. Paint your front door an eye-catching color

If you want to draw more attention to your house, paint your front door a bright color of your choice. If you have some drawing skills, use them to make your front door the most creative one in your neighborhood or even the whole city. Purple, mint, green or light blue are a few options to consider.

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8. Install crown molding

It’s easier to buy modern crown molding, but you can make your own one. Crown molding can bring harmony, elegance and comfort to any room of your house. It takes some time and effort, but you will be highly satisfied with the result of your work. Ask your husband or neighbor to help you install crown molding. Not only will you add visual interest to your house, you’ll add value as well.

These are just a few simple updates you can make to your home this week. Home improvement doesn’t have to be expensive and difficult. With a little bit of creativity, cash and effort, you can make your home feel and look cozy in a matter of a few hours. What are your wallet-friendly home improvement ideas? Let us know in the comments section.