9 Beneficial Uses of Blue Glass in the Home


Creating a peaceful environment in your home isn’t just good for people who come to visit – it’s good for you, too! One way to enhance the feeling-tone of your space is to add objects of blue glass.

The color blue is well-known for its calming and soothing effects. It also offers psychological benefits. Because of its association with the sky and ocean that surround us, we feel relaxed in our minds and hearts, which can inspire our creativity. Another factor is that blue encourages the feeling of trust in those who look at it.

Glass is a medium of light. If you have ever been in a glass factory and watched how they fire glass into a myriad of shapes and colors, you know how amazing the process is. Glassblowers are artists, and even when you see them create their brilliant pieces, it seems like magic. Glass reflects the light. That is its appeal. It can dazzle us with the intrinsic beauty of whatever design it has, because of the light it holds.

Blue glass combines the power of color and reflected light. Its presence can add a casual or elegant touch to your décor and help you create a lovely and calming ambience. Here are nine ways you can use blue glass to enhance your interior décor.

1. Blue abstract glass art

Blue abstract glass art can spotlight an area and draw the eyes to it like a magnet. Place such art on a stand or on a table with nothing else around it. The color and object take over the territory and add an element of serenity to that space.

2. Moroccan blue glass candle holders

Moroccan blue glass candle holders and blue glass jars with candles floating are marvelous for bath or bedroom, but they can also have great effect outdoors on a trellis shelf or garden cart on a patio or deck.

3. Crystal bottles

Crystal bottles in dark blue and in varying shapes are a superb alternative for perfume or to store essential oils used in aromatherapy. This color protects the ingredients, and the crystal brings a feeling of elegance. Every time you use one of these bottles you will sense a quiet happiness.

4. Use blue crackle glass bottles for windows

Using blue crackle glass bottles for windows is an older style of décor that is coming back into vogue. At one time you could often enter a home and find crackle glass on windowsills above and below – on sunny days the room they were in would sparkle. Cobalt blue bottles work just as well, however, for they, too, filter the light, and can add beauty even on overcast days.

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5. Blue fishing floats in netting

Blue fishing floats in netting can be hung on a wall or placed in a small basket in the kitchen on top of a counter or hung from the ceiling.

6. Vintage glass bowls

Vintage glass bowls are unique pieces that can be filled with colored stones or antique glass marbles. Some such bowls were made of Carnival glass, which was originally created as a much less expensive alternative to Tiffany glass. It was the rage in America in the early and mid-twentieth century. Pieces can still be found online and at antique shows. Its surface shifts according to the density of the light that strikes it. At times it can look like a scintillating jewel.

7. Blue glass paperweights

Blue glass paperweights pick up lamplight as well as daylight. They can be scattered around, even just two or three, but each place they are set will catch the eye and add a serene feeling to the room.

8. Blue glass mosaics

Blue glass mosaics can add a stunning touch to a wall area or on the edge of a mantle. You can cover an end table with them or place them around a mirror. Ready-made mosaics made of pieces of blue glass can be purchased, but creating them yourself will add a unique aspect. You can choose your own surface and use a simple but durable household adhesive (these generally are not hazardous or complicated to use). Mosaic glass tiles are inexpensive, too.

9. Cobalt blue glass panels

Cobalt blue glass panels work wonderfully in your doors and in windows. Tiffany made this famous, taking the idea of stained glass out of churches and adding highly acclaimed designs and styles to the patterns of glass. The glass would be set in a port window in a hallway or on a stairwell, or as an intricate lampshade. The light would change at different times of day, rays entering a room and creating a feeling of calm and soothing the viewer with its beauty. Pieces of stained glass or plain blue glass are available at most art supply stores (without the Tiffany price tag).

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Our home really is our castle – it’s where we go to rest and recharge our mental and emotional batteries. It is also where we go because for us it is a place that is familiar, a haven from stress and all the things we have to do day-to-day. So we need to give ourselves an environment that makes that haven feel special – and even if we can only do it in one part of the house, a place reserved just for us, it will improve our spiritual and emotional state, for sure. If you have other ideas for using blue glass in this way, do let us know in the Comments!