9 Beneficial Uses of Blue Glass in the Home


Creating a peaceful environment in your home isn’t just good for people who come to visit – it’s good for you, too! One way to enhance the feeling-tone of your space is to add objects of blue glass.

The color blue is well-known for its calming and soothing effects. It also offers psychological benefits. Because of its association with the sky and ocean that surround us, we feel relaxed in our minds and hearts, which can inspire our creativity. Another factor is that blue encourages the feeling of trust in those who look at it.

Glass is a medium of light. If you have ever been in a glass factory and watched how they fire glass into a myriad of shapes and colors, you know how amazing the process is. Glassblowers are artists, and even when you see them create their brilliant pieces, it seems like magic. Glass reflects the light. That is its appeal. It can dazzle us with the intrinsic beauty of whatever design it has, because of the light it holds.

Blue glass combines the power of color and reflected light. Its presence can add a casual or elegant touch to your décor and help you create a lovely and calming ambience. Here are nine ways you can use blue glass to enhance your interior décor.

1. Blue abstract glass art

Blue abstract glass art can spotlight an area and draw the eyes to it like a magnet. Place such art on a stand or on a table with nothing else around it. The color and object take over the territory and add an element of serenity to that space.