10 Absolutely Affordable DIY Christmas Decorations


If you are a Christmas lover and do-it-yourself kind of person, do not waste your time this holiday season roaming through endless stores looking for the perfectly detailed decorations you are craving for your party. Instead, save some cash and DIY these fun and festive ideas. These Christmas DIY decorations look chic and elegant, but in reality, are absolutely affordable.

1. Nifty Napkins

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Instead of folding your napkins into old school swans or boring stars, why not create cute Christmas trees? It is simple, easy, and utterly adorable. Plus, it adds just the right hint of color to your otherwise begrudgingly boring china.

2. Sock Snowmen

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If you want to save even more cash, gather some things around your house to make decorations. And yes, that includes old socks (though maybe leave out the dirty, stained ones -those might be a little tacky).

Those loner socks can now be used for Christmas cheer by turning them into snowmen. Just sew on some buttons and use that extra fabric to create a scarf and voila, instant snow buddies are ready to make you smile.

3. Twee Twine

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If you would rather use something a little more crafty and a little less homey ( I mean, the last one did use a sock), than grab some twine, balloons, glue, paper, and buttons and put in the extra amount of work to create your own unique twine-men.

A bonus with this option is you can make them however big or small you want. I personally suggest making a huge snowman to really impress your neighbors, family, and friends.

4. Stunning 3D Snowflakes

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If you are not that great at making 2D snowflakes, this one is not for you because you will be making 3D snowflakes and it is complicated. Though, the results are beautiful and you can hang them from the ceiling to give your party an even more festive look.

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5. Fishbowl Friends

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Now this one is especially imaginative and inventive. Just grab three slightly different sized fishbowls (or glass bowls), stack and fill them one by one with your favorite small decorations and fake snow.

And when you are done you will have a snowman filled with the joy and spirit of Christmas, literally.

6. Cardboard Christmas Fireplace

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If you want the cozy effect of a fireplace but do not have the time or money to put one in your home, why not make your own? But not from traditional materials, but instead, use cardboard.

This DIY Christmas decoration is super simple and adds a touch of elegance to your home you would not have otherwise. Just hope no one leans on it.

7. Lighthearted Ladder

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Here is yet another example of ingenious creativity using regular home products. Grab a ladder, some wood, and a ton of sparkly lights and fake snow, and decorate to your heart’s content.

You can even make it hold the presents like a traditional Christmas tree, but it will not take up as much space and will still look fantastically festive.

8. Cheerful Centerpieces

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If you are just looking to spruce up your centerpieces, look no further. All the ideas you need are in this one post. Using wine glasses, candles, festive flowers, and more.

9. Original Ornaments

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Do you have leftover ornaments? Why not do something with them? Yes, you can use them in your centerpiece, but you can also make cheerful, cute teddy bears out of them. They are not only creative, but cost effective as well.

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10. Painted Paintbrushes

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Used everything you possibly could to create decorations and gifts? If your answer was yes, you are wrong. You can paint up your artist utensils and make them decorations too. Just look at these adorable additions and you will be splattering your paintbrushes in paint on purpose.

Now that you have seen all these great DIY Christmas decorations, rummage through your excess craft supplies, your closet, and garage and create some of the best decorations you will have in years.