10 Bizarre Ways to Decorate Your House with Pumpkins


Create a festive fall-inspired atmosphere in your house with these bizarre pumpkin tips. They do not require any special tools or skills and can help you decorate your space for a spooktacular Halloween bash or a family-friendly Thanksgiving Day dinner within a few hours.

1. Surround your candle holder with pumpkins and leaves

Photo: ellaclaireinspired.com

Whether you have time to create your own DIY rustic candle holder or you have money to buy a new one, just grab some cute pumpkins and pick some colorful leaves in the nearest park, and turn your dining room into a fall wonderland.

2. Display little pumpkins in your living room

Photo: craftberrybush.com

Instead of buying and carrying those huge pumpkins, opt for tiny ones. They are easy to carry and make a wonderful living room decoration. Fill your glass domes or vases with colorful little pumpkins and enjoy your ‘hard’ work. Honestly, I love and use this fall decorating idea.

3. Decorate your hutch

Photo: paint-me-pink.com

If you are lucky to have a vintage (or whatever) hutch in your house, why not decorate it with pumpkins – be they small or big ones. Hosting a Halloween party? Add some artificial spiders and nets and voila!

4. Turn pumpkins into candles

Photo: helloglow.co

Set a festive mood and make your home smell like fall with these DIY cinnamon pumpkin candles. While small pumpkins are best suitable for these candles, why not experiment with the bigger ones?

5. Create pumpkin disco balls

Photo: craftynest.com

All you need is the drill and tons of effort – literally. Or better, ask your significant other to drill those pumpkins to create festive pumpkin disco balls.

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6. Decorate your coffee table with white pumpkins

Photo: lizmarieblog.com

Looking for a centerpiece that will look elegant yet fall-ish? Decorate your coffee table with white pumpkins to welcome guests to your living room.

7. Bring fall into your bathroom

Photo: dearlillieblog.blogspot.com

There is no need to stuff your bathroom with leaves, long branches or large pumpkins. Just add a little vase full of tiny white or orange pumpkins and enjoy it every time you wash your hands.

8. Create a pumpkin bookshelf tree

Photo: pinterest.com

Decorate your bookshelf with some pumpkins and use a black paint to create a ‘tree.’ This fall decorating idea seems complicated while in fact, you will do it in a matter of an hour or less.

9. Fake fireplace

Photo: homeinspirationideas.net

Unlike a pumpkin bookshelf tree, this project may take a few hours, if not the whole day, especially if you are new at pumpkin carving. Anyway, it is well worth it. Just look at this beauty.

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10. Place this Night Owl in your child’s room

Photo: womansday.com

If you have no kids, you can place this pumpkin owl in whatever room you would like it to stand. Isn’t it a bizarre way to decorate your house with pumpkins, huh?

There are many creative ways to add more pumpkins to your home decor, and these are just a few to consider. They are perfect for a Halloween bash and Thanksgiving dinner, or any other even you are having this fall. Let us know about how you decorate your home for fall. We can make this list endless together!