10 Easy New Year’s Crafts for Kids


New Year’s Eve is often associated with partying, staying up till midnight, and having a drink or two. As the clock strikes midnight, champagne bottles are popped open and the drinks flow as everyone in the room celebrates a chance at new adventures in the new year. Although this is the common party for most adults, children should have an option for celebrating on New Year’s Eve as well. Here are 10 easy New Year’s Eve crafts that any kid will enjoy.

1. Noisemakers

The last thing most parents want to do is hand children something to make more noise with, but it’s New Year’s Eve and exceptions should be made. You can help your little ones make a simple noisemaker with two plastic cups, some beads, and tape. Simply have the children color whatever designs they like on the cups. Fill one cup with beads, marbles, or pebbles, and tape the two cups together by their tops.