10 Easy New Year’s Crafts for Kids


New Year’s Eve is often associated with partying, staying up till midnight, and having a drink or two. As the clock strikes midnight, champagne bottles are popped open and the drinks flow as everyone in the room celebrates a chance at new adventures in the new year. Although this is the common party for most adults, children should have an option for celebrating on New Year’s Eve as well. Here are 10 easy New Year’s Eve crafts that any kid will enjoy.

1. Noisemakers

The last thing most parents want to do is hand children something to make more noise with, but it’s New Year’s Eve and exceptions should be made. You can help your little ones make a simple noisemaker with two plastic cups, some beads, and tape. Simply have the children color whatever designs they like on the cups. Fill one cup with beads, marbles, or pebbles, and tape the two cups together by their tops.

2. Bubble wrap noisemakers

If there are two things children love, it is making noise and popping bubble wrap. With some paper, crayons, and a roll of bubble wrap, you can help the kids have a little fun with this noisemaker. Let the kids color designs onto a roll of paper, lay out the bubble wrap on top when they are done, and roll the two together. The kids will have a colorful noisemaker that will entertain them until the last bubble pops.

3. Tissue paper confetti trays

This one takes some effort and can get a little messy, so start early and don’t skimp on the cleaning supplies. First, you’ll need a few cheap plates and some tissue paper. You can have the kids tear pieces or cut pieces from the tissue paper and glue them into place on the plate in whatever pattern they like. Let them dry for a few hours and you’ll have some festive plates to serve snacks on later in the evening.

4. Confetti eggs

Confetti is a must-have item at every New Year’s Eve party. After all, what’s a party without a bunch of confetti to clean up the next day? You can start by making the kids a nice scrambled egg breakfast in the morning. Be careful to crack open only a small hole on top of the egg. Rinse and dry the shells. Let the children dye the eggs just like at Easter, and then fill them with confetti when they’re done.

5. Collage for the New Year

All you need for this activity is basic art supplies. Let your children cut out the numbers of the year from a heavier paper stock. Then watch as they unleash their own creativity by decorating each number in a different fashion. Paste all four numbers onto one piece of paper and you have a great sign to welcome the new year.

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6. Looking back, looking forward

Adults aren’t the only ones that have achieved goals and hope to reach new heights in the coming year. Your children might have aspirations as well. Encourage those aspirations by helping them with a simple resolutions form. Have them list basic information about themselves on the top of the sheet, and then write out highlights from the year gone by. These can include finishing 1st grade, scoring the winning goal in soccer, or doing well with chores. Then have them list a few goals they’d like to achieve in the coming year.

7. Countdown balloons

This craft offers a fun way to turn the countdown into a day-long game. Select a few balloons early in the morning and fill them with small items. These items could be confetti or candy, whatever you choose. Inflate enough balloons to represent each hour in the day after 12pm. As each hour passes, have the kids pop the balloon to reveal the prize inside.

8. Countdown bags

As an alternative to countdown balloons, you could also have your children create countdown bags. What you put inside the bags is up to you. It could be candy or it could be clues in a day-long treasure hunt, it doesn’t matter. Create and cut out clocks indicating various times of day after 12 pm. When the time arrives (as marked on each bag), open the bag and enjoy!

9. Tiaras

Tiaras and crowns are a favorite among kids. With some gold and silver pipecleaners you can have the children build their own crowns and tiaras to wear during the party. If they want to string beads into the pipecleaners or create extra cut-out attachments, it will only add to the creativity of their head piece.

10. Time capsule

This one is perfect for the whole family. All you need is a family picture, a mason jar, and some memories. Have each member of the family put their own little token inside the jar, and glue or tape a family photo around the outside of the jar. Make sure to write the year somewhere on the jar, and then open it a year later or 10 years later, the choice is up to you. Take the time to bond with your children and select meaningful mementos to place in the capsule.

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New Year’s Eve is a day for celebration and being with friends and family. Alcohol is usually involved, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options out there for families looking to offer their children something fun to do too. Let your kids have some fun on New Year’s Eve and keep them busy with these great crafts. If you have any other ideas, let me know.