10 DIY Ombre Projects for Your Home


Ombre is a popular method of adding color to crafts and home décor. The color fades from dark to light. The result is far more interesting than a solid tone.

Here is a list of DIY ombre projects for your home.

1. Corkboard

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Save up your used wine corks and put them to good use. Corkboards made of actual corks are a fun idea that can be made more decorative by painting the corks in progressively lighter colors before you attach them to the backboard.

2. Dresser

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Plain dressers are boring. Add some interest by painting the dresser drawers in gradually lighter colors. For example, the bottom drawer might be painted in teal, then the same paint can be lightened with white paint to create the ideal colors for each drawer. The top one will be the lightest, with just a touch of teal. Of course, you can use any color you wish, to personalize the dresser.

3. Dish Towels

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Use masking tape to mark off shapes or stripes on flour sack dish towels. Starting at the bottom, paint the first shape with the color you have chosen. Add some white for the next shape or stripe and continue to tone down the color as you work.

4. Light Fixture

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Create your own chandelier by cutting shapes out of paint swatch card and stringing them together. Circles work very well for this project, but you can use any shape you like. Run a thread through the shapes so that each piece slightly overlaps the next when the thread is held vertically. Tie the threaded cutouts to a hoop and attach it to your light fixture.

5. Curtains

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To create ombre curtains, you just need some fabric dye and some simple white curtains that will fit your window. Mix up the fabric dye and dip a few inches of the curtain into the mixture. After ten minutes, dip another few inches and wait. It’s best to measure the amount you are dipping so the colors will be even. Continue to add more fabric to the dye every five minutes, then remove the entire curtain and follow the dye directions to set.

6. Stairs

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Turn your staircase into a colorful addition to your home with paint. Painting the front of each step with any color you desire will instantly brighten the space. Choose paint colors from each shade on a paint swatch card or simply add more white paint to the base color for each step.

7. Light Switch Plates

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Light switch plates can be personalized very simply with painted ombre stripes. You will need a top coat of clear varnish to seal the paint. Once it is dry, you can replace it on the wall to add a spark of color to the room.

8. Wall Canvas

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Take a canvas of any size and start dabbing paint on it. Start at the bottom and work your way up, leaving plenty of texture. Adding white to the paint will allow you to create an ombre effect by fading the color out as you move up the canvas.

9. Bookshelves

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Paint the back of the bookshelf in ombre colors, starting with any color you want for the bottom shelf and ending in white at the top. You can paint the rest of the bookshelf in black or white to really make the colors pop.

10. Cushions

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Create an ode to ombre on your sofa by lining up cushions of slightly different colors. To get this effect, you can either purchase cushions in varying tones of one color, or you can make your own. If you can’t find the right colors, try dying white cushion covers. Leave the first one in the dye the recommended amount of time and reduce the amount of time by ten minutes for each cover.

Ombre projects are a great way to add accents to your space. Any color can be used, so you can match the current décor.