10 Fun Nightlights for Your Child’s Room


If your child is afraid of the dark, bedtime can be a scary experience. However, providing a small amount of light can give kids a bit of comfort as they drift off to sleep.

Here are 10 fun nightlights for your child’s room:

1. Lava lamp

Lava lamps were most popular in the 1960s, but they always seem to find their way back in style. You might even say they’re “totally groovy.” Let your child pick one with hues to match his or her room. Watching the colorful drops bounce around will be a great way for him or her to relax.

2. Glow-in-the-dark stars

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Glow-in-the-dark stars can be another fun approach to fight bedtime fears. They’re available at almost any craft store and application is as simple as peeling and sticking. You can place them on the bed, walls or ceiling. It’s hard for kids to be scared when they’re looking at bright, shiny stars!

3. Wind-up lantern

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It’s like a campout every night when your child has a wind-up lantern. He or she can crank the lantern to fill the room with light. This is an especially good idea if your little one is a fan of camping trips. You’ll bring part of the traditional outdoor experience to the bedroom.

4. Wall sconces

If you’re looking for a nightlight to go with your home’s décor, consider installing a couple of wall sconces in your child’s room. There are many different styles to choose from. Your child might want some that are shaped like clouds, boats or princess crowns. Hook up the lights to a dimmer switch and you can lower the lighting to a gentle glow when it’s time for bed.

5. String of lights

Lights on a string or rope will be a fantastic addition to your child’s bed or door frame. You could also place a string of lights around the perimeter of the entire room. Just use some adhesive tape to stick it near the top or bottom of the walls. It’s an easy way to add some extra light for uneasy kids.

6. Flashlight

For older children that just need a little peace of mind, keeping a basic flashlight by the bed can offer a feeling of security. If your child hears some sort of bump in the night, he or she can grab the flashlight and shine a bright beam on any portion of the room. Sometimes just knowing a light is readily available can help your kids rest a bit better.

7. Light-up pillow

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Another good nightlight option is a light-up pillow. You’ve probably seen several infomercials that show off different shapes and colors. These pillows often come in the form of a cuddly stuffed animal. Kids can squeeze their snuggly pets to activate a light mechanism. It’s sure to be a comforting hug!

8. Artificial tree with lights

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Artificial trees with lights aren’t just for the holiday season. They can also act as nightlights throughout the rest of the year. Even a small tabletop tree can brighten things up significantly. Decorate an artificial tree to fit the theme of your child’s room. A girl might like a white tree filled with flowers and jewels. For a boy, you could do a superhero tree packed with toys from a favorite crusader movie. Whether you add white lights or colored ones, any kid will appreciate the glimmering look.

9. Flameless candles

Candles can give a cozy glow to a room. However, burning a wax variety while you’re sleeping can be dangerous. Instead, opt for flameless candles in your children’s rooms. These candles are usually powered by batteries and can be turned on when you tuck your little ones in. Your kids will enjoy the faint flickering and you won’t have to worry about any open flames.

10. Projector lamp

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Projector lamps have been around for years, but they’re still as popular as ever. One small lamp can shine hundreds of shapes and colors on the walls and ceiling. From stars and moons to dinosaurs and butterflies, you’re sure to find a style that suits your sleepy kiddos.

Having a nightlight can soothe children that tend to be afraid of the dark. Any of the fun nightlights on this list will help your child feel safe and sleep soundly. When kids feel better about bedtime, everyone in the family can have a good night!