10 DIY Ways to Make Your Home Look Luxurious


When you want your home to appear luxurious, you must put thought and planning into your decorating plan. Fortunately, creating an atmosphere of luxury doesn’t necessarily require a lot of time or money.

There are several decorating tips and tricks that will help you to make your home look luxurious on any budget.

1. Replace Dated Lighting

There’s nothing that gives a home a cheap appearance like outdated lighting fixtures. Assess the lighting fixtures in your home and replace any that look like they’re from the last decade with newer models. Check out your options choices at your local home improvement store and choose only those that scream class.

2. Avoid Clutter

Even if your home actually is luxurious, clutter has a way of making it appear cheap and trashy. Invest time on a Saturday to completely declutter your home. If you can’t bear to part with certain items, find ways to store them neatly and ensure that they’re out of site.

3. Install New Faucets

Kitchen and bathroom fixtures become dated almost as quickly as do light fixtures. When yours don’t live up to your standards, replace them as well. Choose a kitchen faucet with a pull-out spigot that makes rinsing dishes easy and opt for bathroom fixtures that move away from the shiny chrome or gold appearance of the past.

4. Embrace Classic Colors

While it can be exciting to paint your walls fun, funky colors, they don’t lend themselves to a look of luxury. Embrace shades like cream, tan, brown, champagne and cashmere. If you want to add more color to the room after you’ve painted, rely on decorative items that keep with your classy theme.

5. Upgrade Your Doors

Since home builders don’t always install top-quality doors, consider replacing any of your that seem cheap and lightweight. Choose solid doors that close securely and block noise from one room to another. Do the same with entry doors as well when they’re not up to snuff.

6. Create a Library

High-end homes often have their own library. Even if you don’t have a room that you can dedicate solely to housing your books, you can create a library on a smaller scale in a family room, living room or office space. Install wooden shelves and fill them with hardcover books on a variety of topics.

7. Install Molding

Expensive homes often have molding on the walls and ceiling that gives them a high-end appearance. Purchase strips of molding and install them at the point where the walls meet the ceiling. Leave the molding white or paint it a lighter or darker shade than the color on your walls.

8. Redo Kitchen Cabinets

When your kitchen cabinets have seen their better days, you don’t necessarily have to replace them. Oftentimes a coat of paint is all that’s needed to create a luxury look. White paint on the cabinets creates a crisp, clean look that’s timeless. On the other hand, painting the cabinets a darker color to contrast with lighter walls also adds class.

9. Tend to Landscaping

If you’ve allowed your landscaping to go to pot, you can quickly create a luxurious look by tidying up. Choose an unusual plant of a considerable size and use it as a focal point in the front yard. Install a fountain with a classic appearance for a look of luxury or select a pair of Grecian urns overflowing with flowers for placement on either side of the driveway.

10. Use Mirrors Strategically

While the wrong mirrors look cheap and tawdry, the right mirrors add to the luxury of any home. Install a large mirror in the dining room to open up the room, above a fireplace to reflect the rosy glow or across from windows to reflect the incoming light. Use mirrors sparingly as a focal point and avoid going overboard.

Instead of breaking the bank to create the look of luxury, pick and choose the improvements that will give your home a classy sense of style. Remember that less is more and set about turning your home into your castle.