10 Incredibly Unique DIY Kids Room Décor Ideas


Although the thought of decorating your child’s room can make you worry about money, it turns out that there are plenty of great ways to create an inviting, fun space without spending a fortune.

Here are ten inspiring DIY kids room décor ideas:

1. Natural curtain rail

To create a gorgeous, affordable curtain rail that immediately makes your kid’s room more striking, go looking for a sturdy, long wooden branch and paint it any color you like.

You can choose an earthy shade like green or brown if you want the room to have a nature-based theme, but branches look just as good painted in bright or metallic shades.

2. Nail art

You can make some wonderful shapes using threaded nail art, and the practice is easy to learn. You only need nails, string, tape, paper, and a hammer to make it work. You simply cut the paper into the shape you want to create, use the tape to attach the paper to the wall, hammer nails around the outline of the shape, and connect the nails with thread.

There is no rule about the order of threading, and if you have older kids then they can even help to create the shape.

3. Chalkboard table

Any cheap little table can be transformed into a fun place to play if you affix a sticky chalkboard layer to its surface. Ideal for children who are starting to get excited at the thought of making their own art, this bedroom addition looks great and provides hours of fun.

4. Skateboard shelf

With an old skateboard and a simple metal wall bracket, you can create a quirky new shelf for a kid’s room. It can be used to host everything from action figures to photo frames, cards and gadgets.

5. Art display area

Kids are often very proud of their creations, so why not give them a place to show off? You can do so in a wide range of ways. You might want to cut the word ‘art’ out of large pieces of cardboard and dedicate a whole wall to your child’s drawings, or you could mount clipboards on the walls to neatly display the art.

6. A cloth mobile

A handmade mobile is the perfect addition to a nursery. All you need is a fabric of your choosing, thread, string, and some type of stuffing to help the mobile take shape. Popular examples include a pretty cloud with raindrops and a large star with smaller stars hanging down from its centre.

7. Heart maps

If you have a spare map of your child’s birthplace or current home, you can easily make a meaningful picture for your child’s room. Once you cut the map into a heart, you can use sticky pieces of polystyrene to make the map heart stand out on a cardboard background, then place the finished piece of art in a frame of your choosing.

8. Birdhouse lamp

If you look up the instructions for building a basic bird house, you’ll see it is an inexpensive venture. Birdhouses can be used to make creative little lamps in a child’s room, either by placing a smaller lamp inside or by installing a bulb. Mounted on the wall, a birdhouse light can help to make a bedroom cozier.

9. Sock bags

Especially useful if you have more than one kid in the same room, colorful felt bags can have names sewn or stuck onto the front. You can let your kids choose their favorite colors when you’re designing the bags.

10. Word posters

You will probably have seen overprized wall posters emblazoned with popular quotes and bright colors. You can make your own for your child’s room using cheap wrapping paper, a foam core board, sticky letters, and a picture frame. You use the wrapping paper as the background and then use the sticky letters to form your favorite quote, lyric or set of words. Simple and lovely, these word posters can really brighten up a room.

As the above suggestions show, there are lots of inventive and fun ways to make a unique, eye-catching room for kids. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars when you have creativity at your disposal!