7 Unique DIY Summer Ideas for Kids


2. In a Bottle

If you have some transparent containers your beauty products came in, or small shampoo and shower gel bottles from your favorite hotels, you can turn them into decorations. This is fun to do if you like the idea of travel souvenirs being filled with other travel souvenirs, or finally putting your collection of travel-size products into good use, and perhaps just storing small items in a pretty way.

Those containers can be filled with small stones and shells, sand, dried flowers, seeds, beads, and even crayon shavings or scraps of colorful paper, yarn or fabric. They can be displayed on the shelves or in small baskets, and used for decorating flowerbeds or potted plants.

Making a succulent planter and then decorating it is also a nice DIY idea, as succulents are easy to mix, to care for, and extremely hard to kill. However, you can just use the bottle decorations for any potted plants you already have in the house.


While simply displaying natural materials of different sizes and textures in boxes, baskets, containers and flower pots may be the easiest way of using them for decorating, some people will complain that this may turn into a mess at some point.

The others will often complain that they don’t have any time, any materials, their kids don’t have any patience, and all the DIY projects are too complicated. Oh, really? As long as you’ve got kids, and they’ve got toys or other small objects they like playing with, you’re all set: