7 Unique DIY Summer Ideas for Kids


Summer is great for DIY projects because of the abundance of natural materials and time to collect these – at the beach, during walks, hiking and travelling, or in your own backyard if nowhere else. Ideas are also often found right on the spot, as many stones, twigs, roots and shells resemble something (or someone?) else so closely (or perhaps will resemble, with just a few simple details added.)

Hunting for such treasures is fun, keeping and displaying them as trophies and souvenirs that remind you of your summer adventures is also fun. You will certainly be lucky to find some, but most of the time natural materials will look like nothing special (at least to us, adults), and will require more imagination to be combined into something creative.

However, you might as well just give a handful of shells to your kids and ask them what do these look like, or what can you do with them – you may be surprised at the answers. Here are some simple DIY summer ideas for your kids to try:

1. Shell Art

It will be definitely more fun if you pick up not only the perfect-looking shells at the beach, but also the ones that are broken or polished by the surf until hardly resembling their original shape.

It’s no surprise that shells work so great for underwater-themed art projects, but they can also be used to look like a variety of other things, such as flowers, butterflies, birds, or animals.