10 Incredibly Beautiful DIY Table Runners


It’s time to break out the fine china, those vintage-inspired candles you found on sale after the holidays, some twinkle lights, and even some handmade place cards. It’s time to entertain — and entertain with style — but there’s no need to break the bank. You can pull out all the stops with just a few do-it-yourself tricks.

Here are 10 great DIY table runner ideas to choose from.

1. A vintage lacy treat

Handmade crocheted doilies can be found at almost any flea mall or antique store. Tack these together in a random overlapping pattern, mixing heavier constructions with lacier ones.

You’ll end up with an elegant table runner that recalls yesteryear.

2. A touch of nature

Gather some evergreen boughs and use twine or florist’s wire to secure one to another. Make sure the foliage overlaps to hide connections and add interest. Use white candles, snow flocked pine cones, and twinkle lights to complete the look.

3. A musically inspired twist

Hit some flea malls or online booksellers and look for old music books, such as old hymnals or piano solo books. Decide on a theme and carefully remove songs that complement it. Glue pages onto a piece of muslin in a random pattern.

Make sure the music extends beyond the fabric and allow the runner’s width to vary between 12 and 18 inches. For extra interest, use a decorative hole punch to create a lacy look on the edges.

4. A whimsical delight

Choose a neutral fabric, such as burlap, and sew or tack down five to seven lengths of various ribbons. Mix patterns and colors, keeping the look fun.

If the ribbons occasionally stray from the straight path, such diversion only adds to the charm.

5. A family affair

Find plenty of old pictures of your extended family and make several copies of each picture. Next, cut a piece of fabric the ideal length of your table runner.

Secure the photos to the fabric with a small dot of hot glue, overlapping and creating interest as you go. Everyone will love talking about their favorite family memories.

6. An earthy balance

Top your table with a length of burlap. The roughness of the cloth will enhance the textures on your table whether your settings are fine china and sparkling crystal or a country kitchen presentation.

Allow at least 24 inches to extend beyond the ends of your table and tie each overhang with a wide statement ribbon.

7. Textured ruffles

Photo credit: instagram.com

Create an inexpensive table runner that looks rich and full by using only posterboard, rolls of crepe paper, and some spray glue. Cut the poster board to your desired width and length.

Spray a section of the poster with glue and apply crepe paper, making ruffles (or vertical pleats) as you go along. When you complete one row of crepe paper, begin the next. Continue adding rows until the poster board is covered.

8. Hand-painted elegance

Photo credit: instagram.com

Cut a piece of white muslin the right length for your table. Next, use painter’s tape to create your own geometric design. Paint the entire runner in a color especially chosen to accent your other decorations. Afterward, remove the painter’s tape to reveal your creativity.

9. Polka dot whimsy

Photo credit: instagram.com

Choose a study cloth, such as a painter’s drop cloth. Cut the cloth large enough to allow for finishing seams. Next, find fabric paint in an appropriate color or colors.

Apply the paint with a small paintbrush, making a dotted pattern. Allow drying before finishing the edges.

10. Decorated paper simplicity

Photo credit: instagram.com

Use wallpaper or wrapping paper to create the simplest table runner of all. Make sure to allow the paper to hang at least 18 inches beyond the end of the table on both sides to give it stability. Repeat the pattern by using the paper to decorate place cards or party favors.

With a handmade touch taking center stage during your event, your evening’s decorations with be unique. Feel good about sharing your craftiness as well as your hospitality.