10 Fantastic DIY Projects for Baby Girl Room


Are you awaiting the arrival of your baby girl? If so, you are likely spending a lot of time decorating her new nursery. Fortunately, there are numerous do-it-yourself projects that you can use to give your baby girl a beautiful bedroom.

1. Pink Yarn Lampshade

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Would you love for your baby girl to have a designer lampshade in her room but don’t want to pay a fortune? Create your own with a pink yarn lampshade. Use a 24-inch beach ball, and cover the air valve with a small plastic plate. Then, take your pink yarn and submerge it into a fabric stiffener, working the liquid into the yard.

When you remove the yarn from the liquid, squeegee off any extra stiffener, and then begin wrapping the yarn across the beach ball. Allow the fixture to dry for 24 hours before deflating the beach ball. Finally, you’ll be ready to hang the lampshade.

2. Stuffed Animal Storage Swing


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If your baby girl has a ton of stuffed animals, you can organize them by making your own stuffed animal storage swing. Pick up some precut hobby wood, hooks, and clothesline. Glue the wooden pieces together to form three levels of swings, and then attach each swing together with the clothesline.

The hooks can allow your new swing to hang from your ceiling, giving your baby girl a fun place to store her teddy bears and dolls.

3. Embroidery Hoop Wall

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Are you looking for some wall art for your daughter’s room? Get embroidery hoops of various sizes, and cover them with some coordinating fabrics. These hoops can be a great art piece for the wall above your baby’s crib.

4. Pretty Window Cornices

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A cornice is the upholstered box found at the top of a window, and you can create your own for your baby girl’s room. First, cut pine wood down to the correct size for your daughter’s window, and then wrap each piece with batting and your favorite fabric, stapling the two down as you go.

The fabric that you choose can be a girly color like pink or purple, or you can select a fabric that matches the theme of your daughter’s room.

5. Cascading Waterfall Mobile

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Are you looking for a fun mobile to add to your daughter’s room that you can make yourself? You can create a cascading waterfall effect with an embroidery hoop, circle punches, a roll of clear jewelry thread, and card stock in four different colors. Use one-inch and two-inch hole punches to cut the card stock, and then attach the punched holes together with the jewelry thread. You can then hang each strand from the embroidery hoop, and use the thread to hang the mobile from the ceiling.

6. Yarn-Wrapped Letters

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Many parents are choosing to decorate their little girl’s room with a monogrammed letters for their daughter’s initials. Cut the letters out from cardboard, and then choose your baby girl’s favorite color. Find yarn that matches that color, and then wrap each cardboard letter.

Use craft glue to hold the yarn into place, and find some matching embellishments like cloth flowers to give your monogram the perfect touch.

7. Glittery Crib Bumpers

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Give your baby girl’s crib a touch of sass with a glittery, custom-made crib bumper. You’ll need at least four yards of total fabric, including 3.25 yards for the bumper covers and .75 yards for the bumper ties. You’ll also need some foam or stuffing in order to provide the padding for your bumper.

This DIY project does take some sewing knowledge, so contact your neighborhood quilting shop for tips on how to get started.

8. Tissue Pom-Poms

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Tissue pom-poms are becoming increasingly popular in baby girl rooms. Simply choose the color you’d like and purchase that variety of tissue paper as well as fishing line and floral wire. Create an accordion fold to eight sheets of tissue paper and secure floral wire around the center.

Then, cut each end of your folded tissue paper to create the pom-pom silhouette. Finally, separate the layers of tissue paper to create your finished pom-pom, and hang them from your baby’s room with the fishing line.

9. Ruffled Crib Skirt

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A ruffled crib skirt for your baby’s bed will consist of a deck and three panels. The deck should be standard crib mattress in size, and the panels should be the length of each side. Then, choose three different shades of your baby girl’s favorite color to make the ruffled side portions, arranging the colors so they cascade from lightest to darkest. Your local quilting shop should be able to help you create the ruffled illusion.

10. Block Letters

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Many parents choose to include their baby’s name in the décor of their room. While your local craft store may have premade block letters, you can give them your own touch by wrapping them in your favorite fabric. Simply secure your choice of fabric to the back of each letter with fabric glue and hang them up.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on décor for your baby girl’s room. By putting in some extra time by making your own decorations, you can save some money while creating a beautiful and unique bedroom.