10 DIY Twin Room Decorating Ideas


Whether you and your spouse sleep in twin beds like Ricky and Lucy Ricardo in the 1950s, have kids that share a bedroom or simply possess a guestroom that houses twin beds, decorating such a space doesn’t have to be a chore. Fabulous options abound when it comes to fashionable ways to style a bedroom furnished with twin beds.

Here is a list of DIY twin room decorating ideas.

1. Arrangement of Beds

When setting up a bedroom with two twin beds, many people choose to arrange them side by side with a space in between to create a look of uniformity. Others, however, place the beds in an L shape along adjoining walls with the heads of the beds near one another. Still others push the beds together to create one large unit for guests who prefer to share.

2. Wall Art

When you hang pictures, paintings or other wall art in a room with twin beds that are arranged in parallel fashion, situate one large piece between the two beds to create a dramatic look. If you’d rather, choose two identical or similar pictures or wall hangings and place one above each bed.

3. Lighting

Even if you have a ceiling light in the bedroom where the twin beds are, it’s nice to provide additional lighting that can be used for reading or other purposes when bright light isn’t needed. Situate one regular sized lamp on a table between the beds or place a small lamp on each of two nightstands located next to each bed.

4. Bedside Storage

While placing one nightstand next to each twin bed is a normal design plan, a large chest with several drawers that’s slightly higher than the height of the mattresses can also work well to provide ample storage space in a bedroom with twin beds.

5. Floral Arrangements

Flowers, real or artificial, add a pleasing touch to a bedroom. Place a couple of small bouquets, one next to each bed, or one larger arrangement between the twins. Alternatively, an oversized bouquet bursting with blooms works well on a table placed near the room’s entry.

6. Seating Options

Since seating may be at a premium in a small room that contains twin beds, it’s up to you to create a place for occupants of the bedroom to take a load off. Place a small bench at the foot of each bed to create a seating area or add a couple of oversized footstools in the corners of the room.

7. Colorful Creations

If you’d rather not dress each twin in matching bedding, consider mixing and matching two sets of sheets and pillowcases in complementary colors. Use the fitted sheet from one set and the flat sheet from the other on one bed. Do the same on the other bed and mix and match the pillowcases in the same way.

8. Study Area

When there’s ample space in the bedroom, include a study area or a writing desk so the occupants have somewhere to read, work crossword puzzles, do homework or write letters. One desk can be shared between the two beds or you can place identical desks in the room when you have enough space, similar to the way dorm rooms are arranged.

9. Creating Privacy

When siblings share a bedroom with twin beds, privacy can become an issue. Attach a long curtain rod to the ceiling between the two beds and hang a floor-to-ceiling curtain from it. When the kids would like a little alone time, they can pull the curtain out and create their own private space until they’re ready to reunite.

10. Personal Touch

Since a room where everything is the same on either side can become boring, provide two shelves, one for each occupant, where they can personalize their space. Allow each occupant to display their favorite collections on their shelf and differentiate between the two halves of the room.

The way you decorate a room with twin beds really depends on the way the room is used. While a guestroom can be decorated in a more generic way, a room shared by a husband and wife or siblings may require more personalization. Assess the purpose of the room and then decorate to suit your needs.