10 Fabulous DIY Canopy Beds


Canopied beds are uncommon enough to be firmly associated in most people’s minds with luxury of the kind that plantation owners and noble people had. A canopy over a bed is hardly expensive, though. You can even make one yourself for a couple of dollars. All you need are a few DIY canopy beds ideas on how to make it happen.

1. A dowel canopy holder

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If you’re looking for a five-minute canopy idea that you can put up with a minimum of fuss, you simply need to go to home improvement store, by lengths of dowel, ceiling suspenders and light, lacy curtain material.

You can can stick to ceiling suspenders to the ceiling, fix the dowels to them, and suspend your curtains. While you can’t draw these curtains, you can always tie them up when you need them out of the way.

2. Use curtain rods

If you need anything heavier than frilly lace, you can try two curtain rods that you fix to your ceiling on either side of your bed. For an especially luxurious feel, you can use a single length of fabric to pass over the curtain rods and hang on either side of your bed. This way, you’ll cover the top of your bed, too.

3. A canopy with only four pegs

The material that makes up your canopy doesn’t necessarily need to be supported along its entire length. One is easiest ways to get a canopy up is to fix a 3M wall or ceiling hook above each corner of your bed on the wall or the ceiling. Then, you can pass a length of curtain wire around each hook and hang a light, frilly curtain on it.

4. The hoop canopy

If putting dowels, curtain rods or hooks all around your bed seems like too much work, the hoop canopy idea is something that you should try out. With this idea, you only need to worry about one large hoop to suspend off the ceiling above your bed. It can hold the material for your canopy all around your bed.

5. The lampshade canopy

If you have a lampshade over your bed, you can repurpose it as a device to hold your canopy up. A glue gun should help you fix the material to the lampshade.

6. Use the curtain rod above your window

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If your bed is against a window, you can easily use the curtain rod above for your canopy. You simply need to get curtains long enough to reach the end of your bed.

7. Try a central canopy

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A canopy doesn’t necessarily need to hang off curtain rods around the perimeter of your bed. A curtain rod that you install on your ceiling to run along the middle of your bed can work, too. Once you hang the curtain rod, you need pass a length of fabric through it and let it rest on each side of your bed.

8. An Arabian Nights-inspired canopy

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For a Middle Eastern feel, you need, dark fabric with a busy, classical patterns. Maroons and browns work very well. With any of the canopy hanging ideas above, you can use velvet fabric to feel like you’re in a harem. For an extra special touch, a Middle Eastern lamp at the center can round out the effect.

9. The floorstanding canopy

It’s possible to support a canopy off floorstanding supports. You can build a simple little frame out of decorated slotted angles around your bed and suspend you curtains on it, too. You can prettify the angles wrapping fabric on them.

10. A canopy for a child

A canopy for a child’s bed is far easier to make than a full-sized one kids’ beds are smaller. It’s easier to make an elaborate canopy with layers of lacy curtain, valances and subdued light. If you have a boy, you can attempt a tent-like canopy. You can fix a length of pipe running down the center of the bed from top to bottom and hang a tarp on it and even cut a window into it.

Whatever method you use to design a canopy with, you should consider sprinkling it with fairy lights. It can be wonderful to sleep under a canopy that reminds you of the open sky on a clear night.