10+ Easy DIY Painted Floor Ideas to Try


Resurfacing a floor can be both expensive and time-consuming. Tile is difficult to put down, hardwood costs money, and no one wants carpet these days. If your floors are in rough shape, but you aren’t willing or able to replace them, then painting them may be the next best idea.

In fact, you may end up preferring the painted look once you learn about the 10 DIY painted floor ideas below.

1. Stencil

The sky is the limit when it comes to the designs you can create with paint and stencil. Pick out something you like and that fits your décor and then have at it. The stencils will keep everything looking neat and clean.

2. Painted Concrete

The industrial look of concrete can be cold and sterile. To soften that look, you can paint the concrete with a pastel scheme that gives it visual appeal.

Choose light colors to brighten up dark spaces and be sure to use a concrete sealer, once you are done, to protect your hard work.

3. Concrete Look

Sometimes, the industrial look of concrete is desired. You can cover up vinyl flooring with gray paint to make the floors look like concrete. Be sure to add a little texture to the paint in order to achieve the look of concrete.

4. Paper and Sponges

Use crumpled paper or a sponge (natural sponges often work better due to their variation) to get a random, eclectic look with paint.

Different types of paper will give you different patterns, but paper bags work particularly well. Use several coats of sealant on this DIY option to even out any height inconsistencies.

5. Decoupage

Decoupage is a method for attaching items, usually paper, to just about any surface. You can paint your floor first and then use decoupage to add accents and details from wall paper, designer paper, or even from things like advertisements. The decoupage will not only attach the paper to your floor, it will help to protect the underlying paint as well.

6. Porch and Floor Paint

A number of paint brands make products that are specifically for floors. You can pick these up in most local hardware stores and use them to give your floor a tough finish that looks like it came straight out of a country home in the 1950s.

These finishes will often last for years and, for about $30 dollars, will cover around 400 square feet.

7. Stripes to Hide Damage

In some cases, only a part of your floor is damaged. This is particularly true of hardwood. You don’t have to paint the whole floor to make it look great.

Consider painting a design onto the floor that hides the damage, but accents the rest of the finish. Stripes are popular for this, but any pattern will work.

8. Hand-Painted Wood

Photo credit: instagram.com

Your floor doesn’t have to be damaged in order for you to turn to paint. A number of high-end floors, particularly in Europe, are hand-painted with elaborate designs.

If you have the time and the patience, painting wood by hand can yield impressive results.

9. Whitewash

Photo credit: instagram.com

Whitewash is a version of the painting that doesn’t completely cover the underlying texture and color of a floor. Consider using whitewash on things like oak and in areas of high traffic.

Get creative with your tools as well. A windshield wiper, for instance, can be used to create intricate patterns in whitewash before it dries.

10. Stairs

Photo credit: instagram.com

Painting stairs is a great way to add life and drama to your house. The great thing about stairs is that they offer lots of unique divisions that you won’t find on other floors.

These divisions allow you to get very creative in terms of design and color choice.

Bonus Tips: Seal It

No matter what you choose to do with your floor, sealing it after you’re done is essential to last beauty. In most cases, an oil-based polyurethane will give the best look and lasting protection, but take care to ensure that you can use an oil-based product on the paint you just put down.

The recommendation is to put down at least three coats of sealant to keep things looking great for years to come.
Photo credit (Stencil): instagram.com