10 Beautiful DIY Closet Organizers


A cluttered closet is the bane of every spring cleaner. Year after year, things pile up in closets because they are out of sight and therefore out of mind.

If you want to get your closet organization under control once and for all, then consider these outstanding DIY closet organizers options.

1. The Container Store Elfa

The Elfa closet organizer will cost you (about $1500 for a large closet), but the product is modular and so can be made to fit almost any space.

The Elfa system can also grow with you over time and provides a range of prebuilt storage solutions like shelves, drawers, hangers, etc. It is durable, easy to install, and very functional.

2. Wine Box Shoe Rack

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Wine boxes are cheap and widely available. You can paint them, cover them in paper, or simply throw them in a corner of your closet and forget about them. Wine boxes are often tough enough to be mounted to a wall as well, which opens up your storage options dramatically.

3. Cutlery Trays

Those trays that you use to store your silverware and cutlery can make excellent organizers. Mount them to the inside of your closet door and then add hooks and other accessories on which to hang everything from jewelry to ties to underwear.

4. Hang Your Shoes

If you have lots of rack space and not a lot of floor or drawer space, consider hanging your shoes. Metal coat hangers can be easily bent and molded to create interesting, functional shapes.

This solution works best for flip-flops and heels, but you can make it work for just about anything other than heavy work boots.

5. Pegboard

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Pegboard is an old standby that has numerous uses. If you mount it to the inside of your closet door, you’ll have an instant, inexpensive dressing station. Pegboard is easy to find at most craft and hardware stores.

Pegboard also comes in more varieties than ever before, so you can go with a more sophisticated look or lean toward an industrial appearance.

6. Plywood

Plywood has a bad reputation, but you can actually find some beautiful plywood that has everything from poplar to maple as a veneer. Use these “high-end” plywoods to make a shoe rack for the floor of your closet or to make simple shelving units. You can paint it, stain it, or simply leave it in its natural state.

7. Canvas Boxes

Canvas boxes come in many shapes and sizes and make for great storage because they allow your clothes to “breath.” Use canvas boxes to store your off-season clothing, making more room in your closet for the things you wear regularly. Label them for added convenience.

8. Loft Your Bed

If you loft your bed, you have the entire underside to use as storage. You can wrap the area under your bed in curtains or put up a more substantial barrier to separate the space from the rest of the room. Either way you go, lofting your bed will create a trove of storage and can open up space in your bedroom.

9. Use Chains and S-Hooks

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You can hang multiple items in a vertical chain with the use of decorative chains and S-hooks. This will free up valuable space in your closet and, if done right, can help you organize your clothes by size, color, season, or any other criteria you want to use.

10. Closet Maid Selectives

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When you’ve had enough of using this and that from around the house to organize your closet, it may be time to turn to ClosetMaid. ClosetMaid systems come in a variety of colors and use laminated wood to create an elegant look at an affordable price. ClosetMaid even has an online design service, to help you pick the right organizer, which costs just five dollars.

Make It Yours

Whatever approach you take, the key to closet organization is customization. A storage solution that works for a friend may not work for you. Customize the solution to your storage woes so that you only have to do it once. When your closet is organized, then you can focus on more important things.