10 Trendy Color Combinations for Your Home


Many people are quite cautious about color combinations, settling for rooms that are inoffensive but uninteresting. As it turns out, there are some fantastic but unusual color combinations that can instantly make a room more inviting and beautiful.

Here are ten of the very best color combinations for your home.

1. Green and yellow

Natural shades of green will immediately make you think of grassy fields, while yellow elicits thoughts of the summer sun. Together, these colors inspire a happy, bright atmosphere that suits a family kitchen or a space where children play. When you add nature-themed furnishings and art, the space becomes even more suggestive of the outside world.

2. Red and red

Although you might intuitively think that two shades of red would clash or perhaps seem overpowering, you will be surprised by how good a glossy red looks when paired with a browner shade of red. You can either choose two shades for your walls, or pick out a red carpet to go with red walls.

Either way, this intense combination looks great in a social space like a living room, and it goes very well with wooden furniture.

3. White and any bright color

If you paint most of the walls in a room white, you can choose a bright color to create a single ‘accent wall’ that makes the room more interesting and inspiring. This type of choice is ideal for a room that is meant to inspire focus and creativity, such as a study or a studio.

4. Blue and green

You can try out a range of different blues and greens to find your favorite shades, but most pairings of these two colors will remind you of the ocean. With some pale, pastel shades added to the mix, you can turn a room into a reflective, still place that is perfect for reading or playing music. These two colors are also a natural fit for a bathroom, given the water theme.

5. Red and green

Red and green are opposites on a standard color wheel, making them complementary. While a bright green and a bright red might be too jarring for most indoor spaces, a brick red and a muted green can look both striking and soothing.

6. Coral and turquoise

A stunning combination that is rarely seen, coral and turquoise can ensure that a living room or a bedroom seems both cozy and lively at once. However, due to the arresting nature of these shades, they usually look best with neutral furnishings.

7. Mahogany and pale grey

Peaceful, pale grays are very relaxing, so they are a fitting choice for a bedroom or a study. When you mix pale grey with earthy mahogany, you get a color combination that is very evocative of a calming outdoor location. Grey wall look particularly good with mahogany floors.

8. White ceilings and dark walls

If you want to make low ceilings seem higher, paint them white and contrast them with a deep, dark color on the walls. You can reverse this pairing to make a room seem wider, choosing a dark color for the ceiling and a bright white for the walls.

9. Purple and grey

Suggestive of decadence, the combination of blue and grey can turn any bedroom into a luxurious and sensual place to rest. There is something almost magical about this color combination, especially when you choose a vivid purple and a dark grey.

10. Cobalt blue and yellow

Finally, if you’re looking for colors that make you feel excited and energized, a pairing of yellow with cobalt blue could be a smart choice. These shades are particularly suitable for a child’s room or an open kitchen.

As is obvious from the above suggestions, there are some fantastic color combinations that may not immediately occur to you when you first think about decorating. Experiment with different paint, carpet and wallpaper samples to create a unique and beautiful look, and don’t be afraid to be creative!