The Most Unique DIY Doorstops I Ever Saw


Let’s be honest: how many of us do actually use creative or cute doorstops? Most of us use some old boxes, chairs and brooms to keep those doors open. It turns out, we can create cute doorsteps that will be a great addition to our home decor as well. Check out some ideas and let me know what you like the most.

Little bird doorstops look practical

Chihuahua for dog lovers

This one is for cat lovers

Just in case you need a little mouse in your house

Fish doorstop can complete your collection

But it will not be complete without this pup

Not only are these doorstops are adorable, but they also make wonderful gifts. Plus, you can come up with your own ideas. Personally, I’m going to inspire my partner to help me make a little mouse doorstop.

Ideas and Photos: IDidItMyself