10 Useful DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas


Bathroom storage issues are common. Space in bathrooms is often limited and yet we keep a lot of items, both large and small, scattered throughout these rooms. Bathrooms also get a great deal of use, which makes it easy for clutter to build up. You want a functional space in your bathroom and good storage can help you achieve that.

Here are 10 DIY bathroom storage ideas for making your bathroom outstanding.

1. Wall Baskets

Towel bars aren’t just for towels, you can use them to hang anything. One idea that is gaining popularity is to hang decorative baskets from your towel bars using decorative string or ribbon. The baskets serve as great storage for everything from hand towels to soap and can replace unsightly shelving units.

2. Mason Jars

Mason jars are a timeless classic that can be used in the kitchen, garage, living room, or bathroom. You can mount them to the wall using industrial clamps, add decorative lids and just set them somewhere, or you can nail their lids to a horizontal surface and let them hang. No matter what look you go for, Mason jars add a very quaint DIY touch to any space.

3. Creative Shelving

One place you don’t think of putting a shelf is above the door, but it is often just wasted space up there. Mount a shelf above your door and put less-often-used items up there. It’s out of the way, so it won’t affect living space.

4. PVC Curling Iron Racks

Take PVC pipe, which comes in all different sizes, and mount it to the back of a cabinet door to make the perfect storage solution for your curling irons. You can use one pipe for the actual iron and a smaller pipe to hold the cord.

5. Wooden Crates

Painted wooden crates can provide an appealing pop of color in your bathroom and double as storage. You can mix and match crates of different sizes and turn then in different directions to achieve a desired look. Waxed or oiled crates can also be mounted to the wall with brackets to create a look of old country charm.

6. Wine Barrels

Take a wine barrel and cut the bottom third off. Now put a few pieces of wood in there to act as shelves (crisscross patterns work well) and mount the barrel to the wall. Sleek, sophisticated, charming storage is just a wine barrel away. Pair these with a wine rack that you’ve repurposed to hold towels and you’ve got a theme going.

7. Flower Pots

Mount a shelf to your wall and then find a few terracotta flower pots that will fit well. Cut holes out of the shelf that are large enough to hold the pots with letting their rims slip through. Store everything from soap to hair brushes in these. If you need a lid, use the bottom of the terracotta pot (the drip tray) in reverse.

8. Magnets

Everything from your nail clippers to hair pins to tooth brushes can be mounted to a simple magnetic strip that can be of any shape or size. You can put the strip in your cabinet or right on the wall to make short work of organizing the dozens of hair clips that litter your bathroom.

9. Storage Ladder

IKEA sells storage ladders for a small fortune, but you can make your own. Make a few wooden boxes out of scrap wood (different depths, but the same width work well) and then attach them to a support structure (or directly to the wall) in a ladder-like fashion to create a tiered storage solution. Fill each tier with a container of different shape to add dimension.

10. Sink Skirt

If you are dying for storage in your bathroom, but you have a pedestal sink, then a sink skirt may be the answer to your prayers. Put storage bins under the sink and then hide them from view with a patterned fabric that to you tack to the porcelain with a glue that is easy to clean up. The space becomes more functional without feeling cluttered.

Bathrooms can be quirky. People are more likely to accept a bathroom with personality than they are to accept quirk in just about any other room of a house. Let your imagination run when it comes to DIY bathroom storage. You can always change it if you don’t like it.