10 Unique Coffee Table Decor Ideas


Your coffee table can be a great place to express yourself. Whether you have a hobby that you’d like to display, have conversation pieces to set up or have art from a talented child to show off, your coffee table is the place to do it. Here are 10 unique coffee table ideas to try out.

1. A comfort container

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When you have visitors, it’s a good idea to make sure they always have as many of the things that they’ll find useful within arm’s reach. Preparing a comfort tray with everything you can think of can be one way to do this. It can contain an assortment of munchies, breath mints, wet wipes, the day’s paper, a bottle of water, a little pillbox with a couple of aspirins anything you can think of before your guests think of them. Thoughtfulness is a beautiful thing.

2. Objects that mean a lot to you

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Everyone should think of setting out on the coffee table things that mean a lot to them – books they love, fun knickknacks, objects of interest from past vacations and so on. Anyone who comes in will we be able to tell these something about you from them.

3. A lamp

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Beautiful light can be an excellent way to cheer everyone up. The lamp doesn’t need to be electric you can use pretty candles or a lantern to get the same effect. Whatever source of light you put on your coffee table, it can’t help but brighten up the proceedings.

4. A little coffee table garden

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Small potted plants are a popular way to decorate coffee tables. If you love greenery, you could devote half your coffee table to a variety of indoor plants. It could cheer a guest up to look at your pretty little garden.

5. Pick an unusually large item

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Whatever people choose to do with their decorating choices around the house, proportion is the one thing they all care about. People never choose disproportionately large or small objects when they decorate. Breaking with convention can bring in an interesting effect. For your coffee table, you can choose disproportionately large objects such as a large vase, a statue, a tall stack of books, a large antique alarm clock or a large ashtray. The interesting effect that you achieve will always start conversations.

6. Go seasonal

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A seasonal theme can always make you look like you keep up with the times. You can do a lot more than a Halloween theme and a Christmas theme at those times a year. Choose a theme for Presidents’ Day, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day and even Groundhog Day.

7. Get literal

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If you love coffee, your coffee table can be the place to show it. A coffee-based theme can be perfect for a coffee table a sack of coffee beans, vintage coffee containers, a coffee bean-scented candle and a coffee-themed vintage clock can look cute.

8. Build a bar

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While it may not be to everyone’s taste to bring the bar out on the coffee table, it could appeal to some. If you’re a wine connoisseur, your array of drinks could say a lot about your taste.

9. Consider getting more than one coffee table

Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes; you have a chance to be creative when you get two small tables instead of one large one. You can try different kinds of decorating themes at the same time. One table can be all about flowers; one could be about books, for example.

10. Put your hobby on display

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Your coffee table can be your home’s window display. Anyone who comes in should be able to see the best things that anyone in the family has done art by the children, crafts by someone else, produce from the kitchen garden and so on.