10 Simple DIY Dresser Makeovers


A good dresser can have the presence to perk up any room. It does need to be a good one, though. If you have had yours for years, it could look a little worn out at the edges.

Here are a few DIY dresser makeover ideas that anyone can try.

1. Paper up your dresser

If you have decorative paper, Mod Podge, new drawer pulls and a little time on your hands, papering up your dresser is a great way to perk it up. You don’t even need to cut the paper to size before you apply it. You can cut it a little larger than it needs to be and then trim it with an X-Acto knife once it is glued on.

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To make sure that the edges of the paper don’t get damaged with use, buy a can of acrylic spray and coat the front of each drawer with it.