10 DIY Wine Bottle Centerpieces for Your Home


Are you looking for a new centerpiece idea for the table in your home? If you are a wine drinker, you may already have the tools that you need to make your own table display.

Find out what great DIY centerpiece projects you can create with your wine bottles.

1. Wine Bottle Mini Gardens

You can turn your wine bottle centerpiece into a miniature garden for your table. You’ll need to lay each bottle horizontally before carefully cutting out one side. You should be left with what looks like a long flower pot. Fill the bottle with sand, rocks, and plants to create a miniature bed of flowers.

2. Chalkboard Vases

Leave messages for your family with some cute chalkboard wine bottle vases. Use chalkboard paint to coat the entire bottle.

Once dry, tie a ribbon around the neck and use the open-top to hold flowers. You can then write messages on the bottles for your family to see while eating breakfast.

3. Painted Bottles

You can create a wine bottle centerpiece that matches any décor. Whether you’re hosting a party or you want a centerpiece that will match the everyday ambiance of your dining room, try painting your wine bottles. You can also decorate them with fabric, lace, or burlap to get the aesthetic design that you are looking for.

4. Wine Bottle Base

If you like the idea of pairing flowers with your wine bottle, you may want to take a more innovative approach. Rather than placing the flowers inside of the bottle, use ribbon to tie them around the outside. This way, the bottle serves as a centerpiece, but you can also use bottles that actually contain wine to serve at your event.

5. Candle Holders

If you are planning a candlelight dinner for your significant other, use wine bottles to hold your candles. The lip from a wine bottle will have the perfect dimension to hold tall candles, so you can easily replace traditional candlestick holders with clear wine bottles.

6. Rustic Arrangements

If your dining room has a rustic ambiance, green wine bottles can create a great matching centerpiece. Choose several green bottles of different sizes, and arrange them in the center of the table on a bed of moss. You can also choose your favorite fall flowers to go into the bottles.

7. Candy Corn Bottles

If you’re looking for a fun fall table arrangement, get three wine bottles and paint them in an ombre design of white, orange, and yellow so that they look like candy corn. You can place fall leaves inside of them and set them onto a large plate surrounded by candy corn. Add some additional fall leaves and pumpkin to the setup, and you will have a beautiful fall arrangement.

8. Snowy Wine Bottles

You can create a winter wonderland with your wine bottles to make a centerpiece for Christmas. Apply primer to each of your bottles and allow them to dry. Next, spray the bottles with adhesive and then roll them in Epsom salt. The end result will be a beautiful, snow-covered centerpiece for your holiday table.

9. Tea Light Covers

If your centerpiece features tea light candles, consider cutting some wine bottles to create covers. You’ll want to cut the bottle about one-third of the way from the top, and you can then use the handle to easily place the wine bottle cover onto your tea light candles.

10. Glittery Bottles

Even if you plan to drink your wine, feel free to jazz up the bottles to make them into a stunning centerpiece. You can paint the bottles your favorite color before coating them in glitter. If you’re feeling especially crafty, use two different colors of glitter to create an ombre effect. Your guests will love the extra bling this centerpiece brings to your table.

You don’t have to stress about buying an expensive new centerpiece for your table this holiday season. Instead, use some of the wine bottles that you already have at home to create a DIY wine bottle masterpiece to use at your table.