10 DIY Nightstand Ideas for Your Bedroom


You don’t need any DIY carpentry skills to think up great, unique ideas for nightstands and to make them yourself. The DIY nightstand ideas for a bedroom on this list are mostly about using your imagination. With a little elbow grease and a minimum of expenditure, you’ll have results that you can be proud of.

1. Repurpose old-fashioned suitcases

A simple tree trunk section straight from a recently felled tree can function very well as a nightstand. All you need is a 3-foot-tall section of tree trunk. You need to plane and sand the bottom so that it’s perfectly flat. It would be bring much character to your bedroom standing next to your bed.

8. A musical nightstand

Photo credit: pinterest

Flea markets are usually great places to find old, useless musical instruments. If you can find a bass drum, a bongo or even a floor tom, you wouldn’t need to do much more than to clean it up. It would make a great, ready-made nightstand with character all its own.

9. An old wooden chest

Photo credit: pinterest

If you see an old wooden trunk or chest going for very little at a yard sale, you should consider picking it up. With a little sanding and a lick of paint, a trunk could make an adorable nightstand. If you can find an old barrel, that would do very well, too. Trunks and chests, though, have storage space.

10. The nightstand that disappears into the wall

Photo credit: pinterest

If you simply found an old wooden chair to plop next to your bed, it wouldn’t look like a usable nightstand, at all. What you can do instead is to cut off the front half of the seat, along with the two front legs. What you will be left with is the back, the rear legs and half of the seat. This, you could affix to a wall next to your bed. If you do a good job fitting it there, it would make for a very clever nightstand, indeed.

The ideas on this list are so inexpensive and easy to try, you can have a different idea once every few months. Your friends will probably have no clue where you get your ideas from.