10 DIY Decorating Ideas for Your Bedroom


If you’re getting bored with your bedroom and itching to change your surroundings, you might think there is no way to redecorate without spending a fortune. However, these creative DIY bedroom decorating ideas can help you create a brighter, more inviting bedroom in fun and affordable ways.

1. Add a faux frame

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If you have a plain mirror on the wall, you don’t need to invest in a grand frame just to make the wall more interesting. Instead, you can paint a faux frame around the mirror, using colors that complement other shades in your room.

This alternative to a real frame has an artistic, quirky look and barely costs anything. Some stores even stock stickers that you can use for framing.

2. Use an old object as a nightstand

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Your nightstand doesn’t have to be a wooden unit. You can use anything flat that sits at an appropriate height. Examples include an old drum, a barrel, or a stack of books.

Some people glue unwanted books together to create a nightstand, but if you can create a steady pile then there’s no need for adhesive.

3. Hang a tapestry or rug

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A tapestry or rug that hasn’t found the right location anywhere else in your house can be turned into a lovely wall decoration in the bedroom.

Hanging it above your bed can help to make your room look more centered and welcoming, adding an extra splash of color.

4. Find furniture in a thrift store

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Old furniture often looks good in spite of its low price, so don’t forget to check out your local thrift store if you’re looking for new items to add to your bedroom.

Someone else’s unwanted table can be used to display your favorite objects, and old wooden shelving units make the perfect home for worn, much-loved books.

5. Add more pillows

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Even if some of your pillows and cushions have lost some of their stuffing over the years, piling large numbers of pillows onto your bed will instantly make your bedroom look cozy and bright.

Be as creative as you like when mixing patterns, sizes and colors!

6. Display your shoes

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If you have some particularly gorgeous footwear, why not use it to decorate your bedroom? Shoes that might otherwise be hidden away in your closet can look very classy on a shelf or propped up next to your books.

This DIY decorating idea is very useful if you have some unusual shoes that look stunning yet are barely worn.

7. Get a printed bedspread

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Available at budget stores, even inexpensive printed bedspreads can really change the overall look of your bedroom. You might choose one with leafy patterns if you would like a nature-themed room, or you could opt for bold stripes of color if your walls and floor are neutral shades.

8. Hang poster-sized photo prints

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While it can cost a lot of money to buy a large print for the wall, there is a surprisingly cheap way to enlarge your own images. For less than $5, you can get black and white draft prints of your pictures from places like FedEx and Staples.

Although the image quality isn’t flawless, the vintage look of these prints makes the imperfections seem deliberate.

9. Add string lights

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String lights aren’t just for Christmas trees! They come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, and they can be hung over your bed, around your mirror, or across a bookcase.

You can choose hearts, stars or flowers rather than standard bulbs, and particularly suitable shades for a bedroom include deep blues and sunset shades of orange or yellow.

10. Grow plants

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You can get hold of durable, attractive house plants for very little money, and placing a few by the window can dramatically enhance the general appearance of your room. Popular, affordable examples include orchids, ferns and peperomias.

Evidently, there’s really no need to spend a huge amount of money if you want to decorate your bedroom. Using your imagination and ingenuity, you can turn your sleeping space into a beautiful, relaxing and unique place to be.