10 Wonderful Weaving Activities For All Ages

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Wonderful Weaving Activities For All Ages

Did you know that weaving activities are actually incredibly helpful for kids of all ages and that they can help teach a variety of topics and skills?

Wonderful Weaving Activities For All Ages

This hand-picked list of 10 weaving activities covers a variety of those characteristics.

1. Kente Cloth

Students will learn the meanings behind different traditional African colors and patterns.  They will then have the opportunity to use yarn and a cardboard weaving template to create significant patterns.

2. Llama Sweater

Combining drawing, printing, and weaving, students will get to learn about weaving around the world which will result in a fun and unique art piece!

3. Cardboard Circle Weaving

Teach children the art of creativity and patience with some yarn and a circular cardboard loom.  Circular weaving is a great technique for any demographic of students who need practice in motor skills.

4. Weaving Loom Kit

This nostalgic weaving kit is the perfect starter kit for any child interested in learning to weave. The kit includes all of the pieces kids will need to create simple projects like potholders. The instructions include a variety of styles to choose from.

5. Woven Paper Baskets

These woven projects would work wonderfully for Valentine’s card keepers or Easter baskets!  Using colored paper and glue, kids can weave the paper in any color combination they’d like.

6. Multimedia Weaving

Using a sturdy piece of cardboard and some butcher’s twine, your students will create a blank canvas for creativity! Household finds like shoelaces, string, yarn, and even paper give this woven artwork its spunk!

7. Woven Straw Bracelets

Some disposable straws become the perfect base for an adorable yarn bracelet. Kids can weave colorful yarn through the straws and then tie them off at the ends to make this beautiful piece of jewelry.

8. Woven Yarn Cupholder

Using some craft wire and plastic necklace tubing, kids will be able to create a myriad of patterns and color combos. These are perfect as gifts or party favors.

9. Tapestry Weaving

This tapestry project for teens is the perfect marriage between form and function. A variety of yarn, sticks, and super glue, lead to adorable tapestries that are all the rage in home fashion right now.

10. Valentine’s Day Woven Heart

This fun craft becomes an easy valentine using two pieces of paper partially cut into strips. Kids will be able to easily weave the pieces together and create a cute heart- perfect for their favorite valentine!