10 Panda Bear Activities And Crafts

10 Panda Bear Activities And Crafts

These furry, black and white bears hold a special place in many people’s hearts.  From their importance in Asian cultures to movies, bamboo munching tendencies, and cute sneezes; panda bears are a beloved part of our world.

10 Panda Bear Activities And Crafts

There are many creative and engaging ways to incorporate these iconic animals into your lesson plans which is why we’ve sourced 10 fun craft ideas, group exercises, animal books, and panda-themed activities for you to try out in your classroom!

1. Fork-Painted Panda

A multitude of techniques and equipment can be used to express creativity. Your children will use forks dipped in white paint to create a furious panda face for this animal drawing. You can ask your children to paint the ears and eyes with a paintbrush or you can choose to cut out black circles from construction paper for those features.

2. Mini Interactive Panda Habitat

Introduce your students to the panda bear's world. Discuss facts with your kids about the environment, the weather, the source of food, the predators, and any other relevant information. You can construct your play box using rocks, faux/real grass, and small panda bear toys.

3. Books All About Pandas!

Every learner, regardless of age, can find a fact and flap book that suits them. Everything from describing their diet and habitat to their habits, preferred foods, and similarities to other bears like black bears and brown bears. Discuss readings either as a group or in student pairs.

4. Panda Bear Origami

Would you like to spend some time helping your pupil focus and develop their motor skills? A fantastic activity to include is origami using black and white paper. Fold these lovely panda bear friends by following each instruction.

5. Movie and Panda Facts Analysis

This panda activity is ideal for all the Kung Fu Panda lovers who fell in love with the funny, chubby, high-kicking Po! As a class, watch one of the films and distribute these worksheets that test your knowledge of panda facts based on a fictional film.

6. Panda Playdough Playtime!

With this interactive craft station utilizing DIY play dough, buttons, pom poms, cookie cutters, and bamboo leaves, let's get tactile and sensory. Together with play dough creations, this panda-themed activity includes the flap book That's Not My Panda for reading and discussion.

7. Panda Painted Rocks

Time for fresh air and nature while you and your students find round rocks to paint and create these adorable baby pandas and adult pandas from stacking rocks! Make sure you have an example for them to reference when searching for their materials, and provide black, white, and pink paint.

8. Practical Panda Math Problems Powerpoint

In order to practice arithmetic doubling concepts, this scenario-based online learning activity employs a panda's favorite meal, bamboo, and a mother's effort to feed her animal kids. Use this PowerPoint in your subsequent math lecture along with a discussion on adult female behaviour and movement patterns.

9. DIY Baby Panda Book Marks

Promoting reading is always a good idea in the classroom! Get your kids excited to start their next book by helping them fold and piece together these super cute panda bears. Each corner bookmark can be used on individual student books and the setup and activity time is quick and easy.

10. Panda Bears Life Cycle Packet

Here is an additional panda-themed activity that demonstrates the panda bear life cycle. The method discusses what kind of food an animal eats at each stage, their movement habits, and their habitat, from newborn animal infants to adults.