Make and Sell DIY Trends for 2022

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Laser Cutting Projects

Laser cutting is becoming very popular, but not everyone wants to make time to learn!  If you have (or are thinking about starting) an Etsy shop or another medium for making and selling items, consider some of these cool laser cutting projects!

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Wood  Burning

Wood burning projects are becoming incredibly popular nowadays as well.  You can produce customized gifts and messages, or keep it standard with freehand or stencil art.

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3D  Printing

3D Printing is a hot ticket right now! If you happen to have the tools, consider using them to make some money on the side by making something cool to sell!  You can learn the basics of 3D printing and find some cool project ideas!

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Homemade Pet Items

Homemade pet items are always a win… always! Because who doesn’t love their pet more than life? Do you want to make pet costumes? Custom collars? Toys? Tiny hats and furniture for tiny animals? Why not.

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Resin  Projects

Resin projects are all the rage right now, and who could be surprised?! They are so cool! You can make lights, keychains, jewelry, and so much more.  The sky is pretty much the limit! Once you get good at it, people will absolutely pay to have some of your creative work!

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Glass  Painting

Thanks to Tik Tok, glass painting has become incredibly popular.  You might consider trying any of these awesome glass painting projects for selling!