10 Fantastic Weaving Projects For All Ages

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Fantastic Weaving Projects For All Ages

Did you know that weaving activities are actually incredibly helpful for kids of all ages and that they can help teach a variety of topics and skills?

Fantastic Weaving Projects For All Ages

This hand-picked list of 10 weaving activities covers a variety of those characteristics.

1. Woven Star Decorations

These cute little works of art would be perfect holiday ornaments or gift tags! Using a mixture of cord and yarn, kids can wrap the yarn in a variety of patterns to make adorable hangers or ornaments.

2. Three-Dimensional Star

This more sophisticated weaving project is the perfect DIY gift for your teen or tween to make and give. Use balsa-wood sticks or wooden skewers for a smaller version and get to work weaving coordinating yarn.

3. Coat Hanger Weaving

Recycle old wire hangers as kids use these to make works of art! Use string for a more complicated design, or vary the thickness of yarn to create assorted patterns and textures.  Start by hanging the string in a star shape around the hanger, and then weave back and forth until you reach the outside!

4. Woven Friendship Bracelets

Embroidery thread easily becomes a friendship bracelet with the three techniques outlined here. Two simply use tape, while the third uses a low-technology template made from cardboard.  This is the perfect activity for a sleepover or a girl’s day!

5. Woven Yarn Bowl

Students can make a trinket bowl or jewelry dish with a household paper plate and either yarn or ribbon. This simple, yet effective weaving craft is perfect for a variety of ages!

6. Yarn Butterflies

These adorable yarn butterflies would make the perfect Spring craft or holiday ornament. All you need are a few beads, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, and yarn. Create one or a whole swarm!

7. Paper Plate Rainbow

This would be the perfect craft for younger kids because it’s vibrant and simple! Half of a paper plate becomes the weaving loom and a myriad of colorful yarn becomes the rainbow. Add some non-toxic paint to create the sky and clouds.

8. Woven Pen Cup

Kids can turn paper cups into functional works of art while practicing hand-eye coordination. Using a cut-up paper cup and yarn, little ones can make a crafty pen cup to organize writing tools with a variety of fun colors!

9. Valentine’s Day Woven Heart

This fun craft becomes an easy valentine using two pieces of paper partially cut into strips. Kids will be able to easily weave the pieces together and create a cute heart- perfect for their favorite valentine! 

10. Tapestry Weaving

This tapestry project for teens is the perfect marriage between form and function. A variety of yarn, sticks, and super glue, lead to adorable tapestries that are all the rage in home fashion right now.