15 Easy and Elegant Homemade Christmas Decorations

Mason Jar Snowglobes

Who said Mason jars were just made for summer canning? This tiny winter wonderland is the simple statement your side table needs, and putting it together is simpler than you might think.

Sparkling Cranberries

Holiday decor can sometimes be delicious, too. While these sugared cranberries are slightly different than our usual adornments, they're sure to dazzle at your seasonal celebrations.

Dried Orange Ornaments

There is nothing more beautiful than embracing the bounty of the season and turning it into a treasured tradition.

Pinecone Julep

We love a good mint julep during horse racing season, but you can use your cups year-round. Simply go to your yard and pick up a few pinecones and other clippings and place them in your polished vessels.

Christmas Trifle Arrangement

You might have fond memories of your grandmother transforming her beloved trifle or hurricane dish into an arrangement, and now it's time for you to take on the tradition.

Ornament Clusters

Tie your smaller ornaments together with fishing wire or thread for a simple trick that creates a big impact. Place this new, larger ornament on your tree or make it a part of a new centerpiece.

Fresh Lemon Garland

Add some bright pops of citrus to the greenery on your mantel this year. It's a simple DIY that will freshen up your display and surprise your holiday guests.

By The Book Christmas Tree

Use those paperbacks that you read ages ago to make something your whole family will love. Add this tree to a sturdy setting in your favorite reading nook.

Tie A Bow Around Your Coffee Table

Why keep your Christmas wrapping just to your presents? Get a spool of your favorite ribbon and cross the strands across the sides and top of your coffee table.

Snowy Pinecone Wreath

A Snowy Pincecone Wreath is a DIY project you and yours will love for decades to come. To make this wreath, you will need a snowy imagination and some strong glue.

A Blue-And-White Display

Your ginger jar-inspired decor can make the most stunning base for a smaller Christmas tree.

Ribbon Decorated Tree

There is something so lovely about brilliantly colored ribbon on a backdrop of greenery. This easy DIY turns just basic Christmas tree into an eye-catching statement piece.

Magnify With Magnolia

You know it's not a secret that we have a soft spot for magnolias, and this is a unique way to incorporate fallen leaves into our Christmas traditions. These trees can be a shining part of your indoor and outdoor decor.

Petite Wreaths

Petite wreaths come together in a snap to dress up empty tabletops. A few sprigs of pine, rosemary, or cypress are the essential elements.

Shiny Brite Centerpiece

Create a two-tiered table arrangement by placing a footed tureen on a platter and filling both dishes with ornaments.