9 DIY Christmas Day Decoration Ideas


This year, keep your stockings hidden and get a matching Christmas cup for every member of the family. Put delectable goodies inside, tiny toys outside, or anything else that Santa typically forgets.

DIY Leaf Garland

Show off your creativity by using a DIY leaf garland to adorn your Christmas dinner table.   Simply pick up some festive red jingle bells and some green craft paper to complete the appearance.


Beautiful golden and white candles can be used to illuminate your Christmas decorations throughout the house.   Candles should be arranged in a variety of heights and sizes to complement the festive decor.

Old Lightbulb

Using hot glue to attach the string, repurpose an old lightbulb.  You’ll have lovely decorations for the dining room table or mantel when you’re done.


Watching your favorite holiday movies will be much more fun with a fluffy pillow.  A red pillow, a white ribbon, and some greenery can be added to any ordinary chair or sofa to make it more appealing.

Fairy Lights

Put LED twinkle lights inside glass lanterns and place them near your front door, inside your fireplace, or along your steps to provide radiance.

3D DIY Ornaments

Each ornament requires two sheets of felt, the thicker the better.  After you’ve finished tracing, folding, glueing, and cutting, you can add hanging rope or colourful strings.

Bottle Brushes

Create your own colorful forest by skillfully placing bottle brushes in a variety of heights, widths, and colors on your fireplace mantel, shelf, or bookshelf.


Instead of simply placing flowers in a vase, place them in the middle of the table for a look that is symbolic of a garden.  For a style that the North Pole will approve of, add lots of greens and holly berries.