6 Countertops Ideas That Are Super Easy to DIY

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Modern Laminate

Forget what you think you know about laminate. Manufacturers have begun creating countertops that mimic high-end granite styles. If you're going to install laminate yourself, don't be afraid to consult with experts. Common installation pitfalls include making sure the laminate fits perfectly against uneven surfaces, such as textured, tiled, or brick walls. 

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Concrete countertops are back in style -- Pinterest is rife with tutorials for transforming your home into industrial chic. So are they for you? Here's what to expect with concrete: a dusty, messy process that takes about a week.  Hiring a pro is recommended, but if you're feeling handy, it's a totally manageable DIY.

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Granite Tiles

Want the granite look for less? Swap out the enormous slab for smaller tiles. It's much cheaper, too. Although tiles can be purchased for as little as $7 per square foot, a slab countertop costs upwards of $60 per square foot. You'll need a wet saw to cut the tiles to fit, but installation is the same as any other tiling project. Spread thin-set mortar on your surface, use spacers to separate the tiles, and grout in between.

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Contact Paper

Although it doesn't recommend this as a long-term solution, covering your countertops in contact paper can be a fantastic, low-cost alternative to a full remodel. Depending on the size of your kitchen, contact paper can cost less than $100. Installation requires a steady hand -- you'll need to be careful to avoid bubbles -- but shouldn't take more than a few hours to dramatically change your kitchen's look.

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Looking for another easy upgrade, but want a solution that's a little more permanent? Try paint. Because paint is permanent, take care during application. It is possible to mixed in accent colors to give her countertops a subtle, marbleized effect and sealed the entire thing for a glossy finish and to ensure food safety.

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Wood Overlay

Butcher block countertops are nearly as popular as granite. The bulk of the construction is prepping, staining, and nailing the boards to your cabinetry -- nothing too complicated. Although the countertops aren't quite as low-maintenance as stone, you shouldn't cut directly on the surface or put hot pots on them, but under normal usage, they'll last a long time.